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This Build A Niche Store review is my week by week experiences with BANS. I made my money back in the first month and I definitely recommend it. The harder you work at getting traffic to your stores, the more money you will make. 

Since the time this was written, I have realized that getting backlinks to every single page of your BANS site is vital for building keyword authority and getting those pages to the top of the search engines. To help me do this, I have been using Bookmarking Demon which is a program which automates much of the process of getting backlinks from the social bookmarking sites. Pleas visit my Bookmarking Demon Review to learn more about this software and the importance of getting links to all your BANS pages.


I will be buying this program when the updated version comes out. I don’t know when that will be but I hope its soon. I bought a couple of domain names just for this project and I want to get started. Check back later when I will give my review of it and tell you how easy or hard it is to get this up and running.


I Bought the New Version Today (version 1.3) and 10 hours later no success in getting it to run. This Build a Niche Store is definitely NOT FOR BEGINNERS. The manual assumes you know a fair amount about websites and all the mumbo jumbo that goes along with building them. VERY FRUSTRATING.


My first BANS store is now up. Alot of work needs to be done and I understand there are some bugs in the software. It is not working right in several areas but hopefully that will be fixed soon.


Well everything is on hold as the new script is full of bugs and supposedly they are working on fixes for all the problems. Don’t buy this yet! Wait for all the problems to be worked out. Again though, you can check out my store at the link above and if you go to the site section you will notice several of the links don’t work. Also right now you can’t upload a new header photo. At least you can see a real store up and running.


The update is supposed to happen tomorrow. Hopefully I will then be able to make my store work like it is supposed to. Then I will have to figure out how to get traffic to it.


Its been a long road. I could have never done it without Adam at BANS who personally helped me with both of those sites. It seems there are so many little things that can go wrong. Hopefully the new manual that will be coming out soon will give more in-depth and detailed instructions. My first site is a GPS site/store and my second site is about the Sony PSP. I have made a little over a dollar so far!

The owners Kelvin and Adam are supposed to be working on a better manual that is a little clearer about the installation. I had a lot of problems and wanted to give up. They are also supposedly working on another manual about ideas to get traffic to your sites. Hope that comes out soon. It’s now time to start to get traffic to my sites!


One way I am going to get people to my sites is through submitting to directories. I have found this directory submitter tool and it is free for 350 directories and then costs some to get to the gold edition which gives you over 1700 directories. This submission tool takes you right to the different sites, has everything prefilled for you (except the category), and all you have to do is click the mouse a couple of times and your link is submitted. WOW, you can download the trial version with the 350 directories for FREE to test it out. I would say it takes less than a minute per directory. This is really worth looking into. Again it is FREE to try out. In much the same vein Bookmarking Demon is the best tool for automated linking to social sites. You can get thousands of links by using this tool.


It has been about 2 weeks and my two sites have seen very little traffic. Admittedly, I have not done very much to promote them. I do have one GPS article on pointing to one of the sites and I have a couple of Squidoo lenses pointing to them as well. I also submitted both sites to the PR4 and 5 sites using the directory submitter I spoke about in the last post. No real results so far however. Total Adsense and Ebay commissions around $7.00.


I have made about $51.00 now in Adsense and Ebay commissions for my two sites. My GPS site has about 35 incoming links and a someone signed up to Ebay through my store for which I got $25.00! Now I just need more of those – lots more. One thing I have noticed is that my banner ads are getting virtually no clicks at all. For my two sites I think I have over 1000 impressions with maybe 1 click. In response to that I have made my GPS site a two column site as I took out the right side ad column. I am hoping the viewer will be less distracted and now be immediately drawn to the Ebay items and click on them. We shall see as I will be watching :)


The new manual is out and what a difference between that and the first one! Wow. Lots of pictures and step by step instructions make this manual 10 times better than the first one. I would have saved so much time and confusion if I had this one when I tried to install my sites. Two more manuals are on the way (I hear one of them about how to get much needed traffic) so now is a great time to buy Build A Niche Store. One thing I have requested is that they put out instructions on how to get BANS into a WordPress template. The templates that are provided with BANS are OK but not as nice as what can be done with WordPress.


OK, I have two stores going and for June so far I have earned $6.83 in Adsense and $70.64 in Ebay comissions. I almost have my purchase price back already! I have two other stores but I want them in a WordPress template so I am waiting to promote those till I can learn how to integrate BANS and WordPress.


Quick update…I will write more at the  end of the month. As of today my Ebay commissions are $111.90 and Adsense $13.43.


Check out my BANS June earnings summary.


Not great in the earnings department for July so far. I think this is going to be a slow month with the July 4th week and a nice summer. It’s probably not the best time of the year to make money on the Internet. Adsense of $2.19 and Ebay commissions of  $36.42. 

I have decided not to put the BANS stores in a WordPress template right now because even if I could figure out how to do that, I am not sure whether a store would look right in a template designed for blogging. I might have to do a lot of searching to find the right one and I just don’t have the time.

What I am going to be working on all month is, however, the WordPress blogs I have put in the subdirectories of the BANS sites. If I can start to make good blogs with lots of articles relating to the niches then people can find my stores in two ways – going there directly or through my blogs. I believe WordPress has a good reputation for search engine optimization so I am going to give that a try.


Ebay commissions of $47.30 and Adsense of $5.68 so far this month.


See my big BANS update .


My totals this month so far are now $75.94 (Ebay commissions) and $15.19 (Adsense) 


This is exciting news! I just got an email from the makers of Build A Niche Store and this is an excerpt:

We are just finishing off a new template pack of 10 unique templates
which are much more professional than the pack which comes with the
package at the moment. There will be no charge for these and they
will be sent out to you through this list at the beginning of next

This is totally unexpected and makes BANS and even better value. As I have said, I paid for my BANS software in about a month through commissions and with these new templates sales should be become easier. When I get the new templates I will use one of them for all the stores (hopefully).


Still no new templates have been sent to the members yet. It’s kind of frustrating when they promise something and then it is delayed. This happened with the new manual as well.


Well it has been three weeks since I got the email that said that 10 new templates would be made available free of charge “next week”. I am still waiting and wondering why they (the BANS creators) keep promising things before they are ready. I know they will come, I just don’t like being promised things and then having to wait. I guess I am too impatient.

Mid month stats are not very good again. My best site is doing OK as it is in the first position in MSN search (Yay) for the main GSP brand that the site promotes. Third in MSN and no where to be found in Google but I will take what I can get. That site has made a little less than a dollar a day so far in Ebay commissions. The other two sites have made about 7 dollars combined. And I have made about a dollar a day in Adsense which is again mostly for the GPS site. So, the total stands around $37.00.

The big problem (other than traffic) is that I have not made any of the $25.00 Ebay signups. They are huge in the scheme of things. One other thing, the GPS site is the one I attached a WordPress blog to. I have 5 GPS reviews on that blog and I have yet to put up a blog on the other two sites. I don’t know whether the blog has increased traffic but my next step is to put a blog up on another one of the sites. Man, this is time consuming.


WooHoo!! An Ebay sign up for $25.00 and a little over $8.00 in commission today for my GSP site. That almost doubled my earnings in one day!


Earnings this month so far are $61.92 in Ebay commissions and $17.89 in Adsense commissions.

The new templates are still not out but here is a quote from Adam of BANS in the BANS forum:

Now we’re providing 10 new templates, a whole new CSS templating system, a WYSIWYG Editor incorporated into the Content and Store page areas, additional new search features (Min & Max bids), a whole new product display layout and more… You can see the new product layout (and one of the new CSS templates) at the following site –


I goofed. I have been so busy with this website that I didn’t realize I had no Ebay link or banner on my main GPS site. I took 45 minutes this morning to put an Ebay “free shipping” banner on every page of my site. I also added Adsense to every page of my site. Hope it helps.


Please see my summary of the August BANS earning stats and a place to get a great $10.00 logo.


The new version is now out. Version 2.0 of Build A Niche with a new manual, better templates, better everything is now out!

Build A Niche Store - The eBay Affiliate Website Builder


Ebay earnings to date for this month are $41.66 and adsense is $9.34. The Ebay numbers again include no signups…I wish I could get some of them.


Ebay earning so far are $57.93 and adsense is $12.67.


I have just put my final September BANS stats up. Almost the same as last month. The good news for me is that I am already over $40.00 in October as I made a new Ebay signup and that was worth $25.00 in commission.


Earnings so far this month are $47.24 from Ebay commissions and $6.67 from Adsense


Earnings this month are now are $67.83 from Ebay and $12.22 from Adsense. I have two stores up but one gets no traffic at all. I have not switched either of my stores to the new 2.0 version of Build A Niche. Maybe I should but I don’t want to spend the time right now. 


I just read about people using Build A Nich Stores for domains that they previously had parked. I never thought of that and I don’t have any parked domains but a lot of people are really into the domain parking thing. Putting up a BANS store instead of parking a domain and getting just Adsense seems like a no-brainer to me.  With BANS you have the possibility of getting Adsense, Ebay commissions, and other affiliate income if you choose to include it.


Income for October was $85.01 from Ebay commissions and $19.09 from Adsense. I made that one Ebay signup early on in the month and that was it. My GPS site went off the MSN search radar for a while this month and now it is back in the 3rd position on MSN. It was in the first position and I have no idea what is going on with that. It is nowhere to be seen on Google and never has been.


If you are looking for a great place to get a logo for your Build A Niche store, this is where I got the logo for this site for only $10.00. This guy does great logos, is fast, cheap, and reliable. Perfect for your BANS stores.


I will tell you at the end of this month why I have not given any $$ stats for this month.


BANS November stats


Ebay commissions of $26.71 and adsense of $3.56 so far this month. I am now doing nothing to promote any site (I have 3 total). Somehow I got an Ebay sign up which is $25 of my commissions.


Ebay commissions of $43.22 and adsense of $7.69 up till now this month.


Get paid for every visitor that goes to your BANS site! I show you how to put audio on your BANS sites and make money for every visitor. This goes live live on 2/1/08. Get in now and make even more money by referring others!  8/18/08 – This was a bust so please ignore it.


December stats are as follows: I made $55.21 in Ebay commissions and Adsense of $10.11. Again, I urge you to check out my post on putting an audio ad on each of your BANS sites. Since BANS is made for one time viewers via the search engines, even if these ads are slightly annoying it won’t matter. I will for sure be putting the ads on my Build A Niche sites.


Only $32.08 so far this month in Ebay commissions and $8.07 in Adsense.


An everyone can see, I haven’t updated this for over a month. BANS is one of the great ways to make money online and you will do fine as long as you figure out how to get targeted visitors to your site. I am really doing nothing at this point other than using Bookmarking Demon to create backlinks to my four sites. I broke down and bought Bookmarking Demon as I had heard so much about it and it does work like a charm. It is not to hard to figure out and sometimes I run it all day getting backlinks from the social bookmarking and scuttle sites to my BANS sites and niche sites. These BANS sites are no different from any other project you do to make money on the Internet: you need visitors and you need to figure out how to get them. They will not magically come by just slapping up a BANS site and you need to get as many backlinks as you can! Bookmarking Demon is a great automated program to do that.

Please read my Bookmarking Demon Review so that you can understand more about getting anchored backlinks to the internal pages of your BANS sites. Internal links are absolutely vital to the success of any Build a Niche site and very few people will really explain this to you.

In Conclusion

The more work you do and the more targeted visitors you get, the more money you will make. Guaranteed. BANS keeps coming out with new versions and better looking templates and the support has gotten excellent. BANS is a better product now than it was when I bought it many long months ago. They have a large forum of members now that is very active and you can spend hours there learning. I think I will not update this post any longer as I have other things I need to do. I will keep several of my BANS sites that are doing OK and the others I might get rid of or change the things they are selling. I may in the future decide to go back to them and redo them properly and spend some real time trying to get visitors. 

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  • 1

    so would you definitely recommend this product to use? i don’t think i see any other types of software like this?

    Sue on July 5th, 2007
  • 2

    Yes I would recommend it for sure. I have bought 4 domains just for Build A Niche. Getting traffic to them is the big challenge but with traffic they do make money. I paid for the BANS softwear through my commissions in about the first month.

    DayJobNuker on July 6th, 2007
  • 3

    I appreciate your consistent and honest review of this product.

    Joel Mackey on July 14th, 2007
  • 4

    Well, this most certainly is a good product. Unfortunately though, just like everything and anything on the Internet, you need traffic for it to work. This product seems perfect for someone who already has an up and running site and wants an easy way to add a store to get some extra income.

    DayJobNuker on July 14th, 2007
  • 5

    Thanks for this great info. Interested in BANS. Can you say what company you use for web hosting. What is required for 5 sites and the cost per month. No one seems to mention these costs. I know you need a linux/unix operating system and SQL database capabilites. Thanks for any info.

    Dick Vallone on August 8th, 2007
  • 6

    Thanks for the comments. I use the Hostgator “Baby Croc” package for $9.95 a month. You can have unlimited domains for that one so you can keep building BANS sites to your heart’s content! I have had no problems with Hostgator and was able at 4 different times to successfully get help over the phone (from a live person!). The Hostgator banner is in the right column of my site under the “recommeded” section.

    DayJobNuker on August 8th, 2007
  • 7

    Hi DayJobNuker,

    Have you tried AuctionAds? I know the targeting is off sometimes, but it is like BANS, and works for everyone in the world and is a cut and paste code, so works fine off the shelf on any website.

    BANS needs you to be an affiliate of eBay first, so most people outside USA won’t be able to get in, because the problem is eBay not willing to approve non US citizens, with maybe exceptions for UK, Canada and some European countries.

    I am using AuctionAds, and (have also tried BANS before)

    DarrinW on August 19th, 2007
  • 8

    I have not tried Auction Ads. One thing at a time and right now I am trying to make BANS work better.

    Bruce on August 21st, 2007
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    I enjoy reading about your journey with BANS! You have inspired me to Build a Niche Store. In fact, my goal is to earn more than you do! A sort of friendly challenge you might say. I have issued this challenge on my blog at, and will be fully documenting the results. Good luck!

    Spencer on September 17th, 2007
  • 15

    That’s a great artcle, really loved it!!. Purchased BANS last week and I am on my way to build my 1st niche website. exciting!!..I am from australia and i have couple of questions. Hope you would able to help me.

    1 Being in australia, can i also make an ebay minisite for eBay UK niche?

    2 if i want to choose the website name for my australian website, can i use keyword “australia” in the website name with .COM extension or would it be useful to have .COM.AU extension and other niche keywords in website name? what is better to attract traffic?

    Sarah on September 19th, 2007
  • 16

    I think you should go to the BANS forum to ask those questions as I am not sure of the answers. Someone will surely know the answer at the forum.

    DayJobNuker on September 19th, 2007
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  • 19

    My 7-day average is right now $68.21 and climbing on one BANS site that I started late in September.

    Find the niche and drive the traffic, and it’s a perfect formula.


    OneOfEm on October 3rd, 2007
  • 20

    What are you doing to drive traffic to your BANS sites? You list zero expenses, so you must be either doing zero marketing, or free marketing. Also, is your web hosting free?

    Dave M on October 7th, 2007
  • 21

    I list zero expenses because I pay $9.95 and I would be paying that anyway for this site. The BANS sites are addon domains of which I get an unlimited number.

    I am not doing much marketing and what I do is all free.

    DayJobNuker on October 7th, 2007
  • 22

    I was thinking about getting this program, but then I got banned from the eBay affiliate program for posting affiliate links on forums. It is no where listed as against eBay’s TOS, but I guess it is against CJ’s TOS. Oh well….good luck with it guys.

    justin on October 31st, 2007
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    Any store that you can create that is at the top of a certain niche is going to make you money. If you can find a product that people will buy at a good price at the click of a mouse, then you have yourself a business. I don’t know if all of these affiliate things are the best way to go about it, but I guess if you can’t find people to drop-ship products for you it is the next best thing. I run a few affiliate programs on my site, but nothing serious. Its not like people are going out of their mind to get the latest flash games 🙂

    free flash games on November 5th, 2007
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    I love the updates! I’m going to bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates.

    Brandon - Call Center Consultant on November 5th, 2007
  • 26

    Fantastic post! Thanks for keeping a diary of your experiences with BANS. I’ve been considering purchasing it, but wanted to see if it’s possible to make money with this product.

    I’ve subscribed to your blog feed so I don’t miss a thing.

    The Marketing Dojo on November 22nd, 2007
  • 27

    Thanks for your comments on your journey with BANS. Yes,I agree there are ups and downs. I Love BANS and am having modest success, but the learning curve with SEO is a journey in itself. Every day seems to get better and better!! Lionmom100

    Lionmom100 on December 18th, 2007
  • 28

    I prefer AuctionLion to Bans because you can easily integrate the ads into an already existing site with little or no effort. It’s like Auction-Ads, except you’re not splitting the CJ commissions with them.

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    Thanks for all the reporting on ups and downs of BANS life. I’m sort of wondering why you only have three stores, if I understand correctly. Wouldn’t multiple niches yield more revenue? i.e. rinse and repeat.

    Potentmix on December 30th, 2007
  • 31

    I only have 3 stores because I am too lazy and buzy to put up more. Also, just putting them up is not good enough as they will get zero traffic. You have to promote each store and I don’t have the time.

    DayJobNuker on December 30th, 2007
  • 32

    just bought the product and came across your post, good review

    tung nguyen on January 24th, 2008
  • 33

    Great Post!

    This is the kind of information that I was looking for. I have set up a few BANS sites but so far not nearly the success you have had. Have you done any PPC advertising for your sites?



    Neo2012 on January 26th, 2008
  • 34

    I cant say I have ever used any BANS but maybe in the future. What I do like is the fact you have not masked anything in your report. A fantastic honest report. Thank You on March 3rd, 2008
  • 35

    Brand Ple…

    Very nice and detailed input, I appreciate you shared this. Thanks again and If you want link exchange and to be listed in my links page please contact me at

    Brand Ple on April 8th, 2008
  • 36

    This is an awesome account.

    I am glad that I read it.

    This is definitely not a get rich quick endeavor but you honestly portrayed the whole process.


    Samantha on June 14th, 2008
  • 37


    Thanks for all the info. How’s it going now since the last update in May ? I hear that a lot of BANS sites are being whacked by Google, is there any truth in that ?

    Vic on July 28th, 2008
  • 38

    I have heard that too. I only have 3 BANS stores and I have put zero effort into them for a long time now except to use Bookmarking Demon on them occasionally. None of them are doing too well but they make a little every now and then. I can’t say whether it is my fault or Google’s fault they are not doing that well.

    DayJobNuker on July 28th, 2008
  • 39

    Hello thanks for all your input and inspiration here. I’ve bought BANS two weeks ago. I heard a lot of positive things about BANS. So I gave it a try. Hopefully I’ll make my sales really soon. It is a lot of work to promote it. I am working on it every day. To your success! Lanna

    Travel Deals on EBay on September 21st, 2008
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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.I am going to buy this software and I want to cover some products under different pages in a single domain and send traffic to just one global site. please advise

    Farid on March 12th, 2009
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    I thought the BANS revolution had come and gone? But what you’ve outlined here is top draw and very thorough. But I think I’m going to have to do a little more digging around to decide on my eBay approach.

    thanks anyway

    Cheating Spouse Help on March 20th, 2009
  • 42

    i donot think so that BANS revolution gone. people all over the world still using it and earn lot of money…although it has some drawbacks, and that truly explain by author.
    nice post DayJobNuker.

    mike on March 9th, 2010