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Money Making Hobbies

I have had a few fun hobbies throughout my life which made extra money. Some of the things I have done are:

1) I fished golf balls out of ponds and then cleaned them and sold them. I would sometimes get up at 3:00 in the morning and drive to the golf course with my ball retriever and several empty buckets. I had to do it when it was dark and the course closed because I didn’t want to be caught. I had a contraption that I would throw into the water and drag along the bottom of the pond which would bring up about 12 balls at a time. After my two big buckets were full I would  call it a day (or night) and be glad no one saw me. I would have to then go home and clean the balls and sort them by condition and make.  Selling them as lots on Ebay was the fun part but I soon got tired of that as it was way too much work. (I made $500 – $1000).

2) There was a period of a couple of years where I was enthralled with garage sales and selling on Ebay. Every Saturday morning I would go out for about 4 hours looking to buy antiques or anthing I thought I could sell on Ebay for a profit. I even scoured ebay itself for items that were priced too low or misspelled and then put them right back up on Ebay. I have over a 1000 feedback rating but again I grew tired of all the work. I figure I have shipped out around a 1000 packages and that is an awful lot of wrapping and post office trips. I made my biggest one time profits on the two colored Ping golf balls which are no longer made and are collector items. (I figure I made $2000 – $5000).

3) Internet poker. Now that, for a time, was easy money. I learned how to play poker in college an I have always won at it. When internet poker came around I ignored it at first but at some point I realized that all the poker sites would give you a bonus to play. For about 2 years I played pretty religiously at about 20 different sites (always playing for a bonus) and I did quite well. I was disheartened when the new internet gambling legislation was passed and many of the bad players left and the bonuses dried up. I have totally quit poker now and haven’t played for about 5 months. I was getting burned out anyway but it was sure fun while it lasted! (I made around $30,000 and yes I paid my taxes on that).

4) Internet marketing. I have now completely swithed to internet marketing and the pursuit of work from home jobs and ways to make money. I wish I had discovered this years ago. I am sucessfully learning new things every day and am making decent money through several different strategies.

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