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Can You Really Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys?

If you are just getting started and are looking for ways to make money at home on the Internet what do you do? The options are so overwhelming that you might just quit before ever getting started. One of the things that might have peaked your interest is making money doing online surveys. Just type “make money taking online survey” into Google and you will get page after page of websites wanting you to sign you up to their program. These are salesmen (or saleswomen) at their best. They promise you everything from $10.00 per hour up to two, three, and four thousand a month for sitting back, sipping your latte, and taking a survey. Can it be true? Well, let me warn you…be careful!

Any program that requires you to pay money to join is a scam. The number one rule is NEVER pay for something you can get for free. All they will do is provide you with a list of other programs that are all accessible for free with a little research. They are just selling a list of free programs that you can find on your own! I know, they make it so appealing and they call it a “system” and it seems so legit and if I just pay them $35.00 then surely a magical money making kingdom of surveys will be revealed to me. Just don’t do it! 

Ok, so we have now determined to never pay for a survey “program” or “system” but can you still make money taking online surveys? Well, that answer is yes as I found out. I had heard good things about CashCrate so I signed up just for fun to see what it was all about. The site is indeed pleasing to the eye and very easy to navigate. You need to sign up with your name and address and then you will be able to start right away. I have to admit that taking the surveys was very tedious and boring for me but I pushed on for a couple of hours trying to make the $10.00 (there is a minimum pay out of $10.00) that I need to get a check sent to me. Some of the surveys went on and on and on and I wondered if they would ever end.

I looked for what appeared to be the easiest (like submit a poem for a contest for $1.00 and another was submit a photo for a contest for $1.00) but most of the options seemed to be those never ending surveys. I quit when I got the result shown below and so hopefully a check will be coming my way.



Earnings from Offers: $10.55
Earnings from Daily Surveys: $0.00
Earnings from Referrals: $0.00
Earnings from Bonuses: $0.00
Total Earnings: $10.55
Warning – Some of the offers/surveys on CashCrate require you to give them your credit card so you really need to be careful and know what you are doing before you do those.

WARNING – be careful of the “ringtone” offers as your cell phone bill will be charged and so they are not free even though they say they are (you have to read the fine print for those). I would stick to the 100% free offers/surveys and have fun.

Tip – You should erase the cookies on your computer before you do each survey or offer to make sure you are tracked properly.

Tip – You might want to make a separate email because most of the offers require an email address and you will get tons of spam if you give them your main email.

If you are just beginning in your Internet adventure and still searching for ways to make money online,  CashCrate  is a good place to start. However, I would again stress that you should never pay anything to join (there are plenty for free if you look for them) and once you have joined, you only take advantage of the free offers. I can see how it could become addicting for some people and it just might be the stepping stone you need to start your move on up into the paid ranks of people on the internet! 

Here are the top reasons you’ll love to get paid to fill out surveys for cash …

1) You can start making money immediately!

2) No selling required to get paid for surveys.

3) You are your own boss – imagine never having to answer to a supervisor or manager again!

4) It is one of the easiest ways to make money!

5) You don’t need a website to get paid to fill out surveys online.

6) No product inventory and product deliveries required.

7) You don’t need any computer technical skills.

8 ) No special education required to get paid for surveys online.

9) You set your own schedule of how many hours you want to work in a day.

10) No business overhead costs.

11) You don’t have to worry about “meeting quotos” or making “cold calls”.

12) No financial risk of losing money.

===> And the #1 reason online paid survey sites are amazing …

You get to work at home in your PJ’s!

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    CashCrate Revisited (Review) on September 9th, 2007
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    I have tried quite a few of these services and have never seen any money. Granted most of them seemed like a farce, I still tried 🙂 I do not recommend them as you usually end up getting a good bit of new spam to your inbox.

    free flash games on November 5th, 2007
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    thanks i really had done what you tell on this post and i get my first $10 from ptc 🙂 now ill go to the next lessong 😉

    pandi merdeka on May 6th, 2008
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    Well personally I think referrals are the way to go in that regards. But i know a lot of people have success with straight up surveys, but it seems a little unnecessary.

    Paid Surveys for market research on December 17th, 2008
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    I think that you can really get paid taking surveys. Or at least I have got paid. The trick is just to find the right survey sites and not get scammed by the ones that don’t pay you or something. My suggestion is check out a review always before you buy.

    Which Surveys Are Scams? on October 23rd, 2009