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Time Management – Stop Surfing And Start Doing

If you are just starting out in your internet marketing adventure and trying to learn how to make money from home, one problem you will always have to deal with is managing your time. It never seems like there are enough hours in the day.

Before I did anything of any substance at all on the net, I must have spent a good 200 hours reading forums, articles, surfing the net for ideas, and just trying to learn as much as I could. In the end I wasn’t even sure I was any closer to getting started.

Now that I have started this website I feel like I must build it up along with my other projects such as my Build A Niche sites and the few landing pages which are actually making some decent money.

The most important thing I have learned is to get at least one website or marketing thing accomplished everyday. Now I know that is not really possible because of work and vacations but it is important to not go too long without making some progress. If you are tired one day and decide to do nothing, it becomes easier the next day to make the same decision. Then the next and the next and all of a sudden  a week will have passed and no progress will have been made. Doing something as small as adding a widget to your blog or researching your next post is much better than doing nothing.

Another tip is to try not to go in too many different directions at once. Internet marketing, building websites, writing articles, joining affiliate programs – all these can stretch you into hundreds of different directions.  Someone just starting out will be overwhelmed and intimidated. It is best therefore, to pick a path and go with it. Give it a reasonable length of time and if it doesn’t seem to be working then switch gears and try something else. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself at first as even if you fail you will at least have learned a lot.

My final tip is to not spend too much time surfing the net and reading forums, articles, and other people’s blogs. Yes, it is important to see what the rest of the world is up to, but if you are not careful you might spend your whole time doing that and accomplish nothing of your own. I know I am guilty of doing this as I am always hoping to find the next great secret (aren’t we all) or read something that sparks a fabulous idea. You can and will learn alot by exploring the web but just don’t do it all day!

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    I, Like others find myself surfing instead of doing work. I made myself basically keep my browser closed except for certain time of the day. seems to work 🙂

    James on December 30th, 2008