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Is Squidoo For You?

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 Squidoo is kind of like MySpace but for adults. It is relatively new but it is gaining popularity and is a usefull tool marketers should learn how to use. You create pages which are called “lenses” and you can have as many as you like. (You can read a more indepth review of Squidoo passive income in this later post)

The nice thing about Squidoo is that you can put links to almost anything and not get in trouble. Unlike most article sites, you can link to any webpage which means you can directly link to the product you are promoting. Or you can link to your own website and try to get traffic that way.  If you are looking for work from home jobs, Squidoo can be a good compliment to any website to help drive traffic.

Although it is quite easy to learn how to make a lens, I did notice that you need to be patient and let each page load before you start clicking. If you click too quickly the page will not load and you will have to go back and start over.

There are many different modules you can add to the bottom of your lens  and if you poke around on the site you will be able to find many neat lenses. Some people really put a lot of effort into them! Please see the video below which guides you through making your first lens. Tiffany Dow is an expert on Squidoo and she has put out several more videos and a very well received ebook all about how you can benefit from Squidoo. You can find out more on her website here.

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    Hey dayjobnuker, how’s it going?
    Want to say a big thanks for pawsing (sorry!) by the frogblog and adding us as friends, which meant that i visited you, and found your great site! hurrah.
    I was especially interested in tis Squidoo article as I’m about to start reading Seth Godin’s “Everyone’s an Expert” and i need to get up to speed with all this social networking and making cash via blogs malarky.
    Easy to understand explanatory posts like this are great for me, as I am such a newbie; lots of people assume that everyone knows what they are talking about, so i never QUITE grasp how stuff works.
    So, thanks, and well done you and love your interesting and well written site – will enjoy watching you get to your target!

    Bimmy the bookish on August 26th, 2007
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    Keep coming back for more easy to understand (hopefully) information like this. Thanks for your comments!

    DayJobNuker on August 26th, 2007
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    Ahoy DayJobNuker, this morning I tried my hand at a squidoo lens, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind checking it out and telling me if I’m on the right track.

    It’s at

    And I respect your opinion on all things to do with the information super-web thing.

    Chase on September 9th, 2007
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    I went ahead and rated it a 5 but it needs more modules and stuff going on. That is the area where mine are week too. Go and look at some of the top 100 lenses and see all the stuff that they have in those. You can add pictures, Ebay, Amazon, voting modules and a whole lot of other stuff. Again, check out the top 100 and follow their lead.

    DayJobNuker on September 9th, 2007
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    Thanks man. I kinda get what those guys are doing, but I have a long way to go before I figure out how to use all the widgets and doohickers. With this lens there wasn’t a lot of material to work with, but I’ll try think of something that I can put a whole lot of stuff up about.

    Chase on September 9th, 2007