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The Ebay Affiliate Program Review

The Ebay affiliate program is brand new as of 4/1/08 and you definitely CAN make money with it. I am continuing my diary of Build A Niche stores (Build A Niche Review) and although things are kind of slow right now, I still am making money.

The best opportunity with the Ebay program is to sign up new members. You get $25.00 for everyone you sign up who bids on and wins an auction. They have to do that in 30 days for you to get paid. (Update: This is no longer the case as you don’t get this sign up bonus anymore. Ebay used to be one of the great ways to make money online but I have not made much with it for over a year now.)

You also get paid when someone goes to Ebay through your link and wins an auction. In that case you get 50% to 75% of the Ebay fees the seller pays. That amount will be a dollar or so here and there so that is why the $25.00 signup commission is your best bet.

 That is all you have to do….get them to Ebay through your link and as long as they don’t erase their cookies, you have 7 days to hope they win an auction or sign up. How then, can you get your visitors to go through your link? That is definitely the question.

Linking to an interesting auction might be a good strategy. If you were to find a very interesting and unique auction that perhaps has a lot of bids or a large bid amount, you might do a quick write up about the auction and place a link for your visitor to click to see it. If you make it sound interesting you might be able to get a high percentage of your visitors to click on your link just to check it out. 

To do this you would have to use Ebay’s flexible destination tool which is quite easy to use once you understand how. You would also have to spend time finding that very interesting auction for them to view. Finding that auction could be the hard part of this plan because you would have to do it every week or so as the auctions end and are erased from Ebay’s database.

This strategy can be used on any kind of blog or website it would seem. If you are good at design you could make a section which highlights an interesting auction every week and as your visitors click to see it, that cookie is being put on their computer and you didn’t even have to try to sell them anything! So many people use Ebay nowadays that some of them would surely go on to buy an item later.

I most certainly believe that BANS is the best way to make money from the Ebay affiliate program. However, there is no reason why you can’t throw in a trick or two is there? 

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