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July Stats For Build A Niche

I’m using BANS to make money from home and in July I made $97.83 through the Ebay affiliate program and $18.79 from Adsense for a total of $116.62. Any month you make less than the previous month has to be considered disappointing but I have to remember that it is now the middle of summer and people are doing other things than surfing the net.

In August I need to make sure all my sites have an easy click url that will take them to the Ebay sign up page. The number of Ebay sign ups were the difference between the two months as last month I had 4 new sign ups and this month only 2. The commission on sales was about the same. 

I need to do some more work on my Build A Niche Store sites (also known as tinkering) to make sure I have my ads and adsense in the right places. Now is the time to move things around and try to get everything the way I want it before summer is over and the Christmas buying season is upon us.  I am glad I have the stores up and running now because it takes time to get everything looking right and for the stores to get links and start to be recognized by the search engines.

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