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Step By Step Niche Marketing System

This is a step-by-step article / niche-marketing system that can be used to make money from home for a long time to come. You may not make much money right away but you will be building a group of sites that will give you a steady income stream down the line.

When you hear or read about “niche marketing” or “niche websites”, they are probably talking about some variation similar to this system. Remember, this is a simplified version and not everyone does it the exact same way or sets it up to make money in the same fashion as outlined below.

In order to make this system work you will need to accumulate a large collection of PLR (private label rights) ebooks that you will sell to the viewers of your many sites. You may also take advantage of the many forms of advertising (such as Adwords and affiliate products) to make additional money from each site. Lets begin!

Step 1 –  The first step is to find a niche – preferably one you are interested in so that you have some knowledge of the subject. This may be the hardest part and may take some time. Please go here for a great article on how to pick niches.

A great press release can increase the traffic and interest in your business web site many times over.

Step 2 –  It is now time to research the niche. I use the free tool at SEO Toolbook which has worked well for me. Once I’m there I would type in the niche I have chosen. Lets say for this experiment it is “bowling”. The results will show a list of search terms related to “bowling”. The one I see there with some potential is “bowling tip”. It gets searched over 16,000 a month.

Step 3 –  Next I would want to check to see if a domain is available with those keywords. If you are able to register the keyword or words you are targeting as a domain name you will have a much better chance of getting a good ranking in Google and the other search engines. To check for domain names I would go to to see what is available. After entering the name “bowlingtip” I find that “” is not taken! That’s great – it looks like I can get a domain name for my search term that gets searched 16,000 times a month for under $9.00!

Step 4   My last research step is to type “bowling tip” into Google to see the competing results. If it is under 100,000 I am confident I will be able to get a great ranking with my domain name. Yes…as of this article date it was at 907. So, I’m very confident that “” will get me a high Google ranking (with some work I might add).

Step 5 –  The next step is to register that domain name “” with GoDaddy or any other company.

Step 6 –  Once you have your domain you can find a free WordPress template (there are tons of them all over the net) or use a free template from

Step 7 – Now it is time to start creating content for your site. You can write 10 to 15 articles on bowling tips or you can hire someone to write them. It is your choice. Simply write the articles on all things to do with bowling and bowling tips. It is best to write each article around a different keyword. For instance, one article might be about bowling shirts, which gets nearly 400 searches a day. Another article might be on bowling balls or bowling alleys.

Step 8 –  Having written your articles you will now need to monetize your website. This is done in several ways. The first is Adsense. You can put Adsense on your site but not too much of it. You don’t want the viewer to feel like they are only there for the ads.

Now comes the tricky part. At the top of each one of your pages (each page has one of your articles), put a description about an ebook you own. It’s best if you have ebooks with covers so that you can show the picture of the ebook and then give a rundown of what that ebook offers. You will need to find some ebooks on bowling (or whatever your topic) and you can do that by Googling PLR and finding sites that sell PLR ebooks. You should be able to buy tons of them for anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 per book on almost all subjects.

The ad on your site would take them to another of your sites (a separate domain) that is solely set up to sell ebooks. Each page of your bowling site would then have an ad for an ebook that could be bought on your second ebook site. So, in summary, how it works is that someone finds your bowling site and reads your article. They then might be interested in the book and click on the ad which takes them to your book site where they would hopefully buy the book.

Step 9 –  Promote your site. You can submit it to all the major search engines so that it will be indexed and crawled. You then might write more articles about bowling and submit them to Make sure you have a link back to your site in the author profile section. Another thing you can do is make a Squidoo lens for bowling which again links to your bowling site.

Step 10 – Repeat the process over and over. Remember that every site will not perform the same. Some topics you choose will be better than others and some articles will help convert better than others as well. This is not easy work. It is hard but if you continue on and build 100 of these sites, you should see a very nice passive income stream develop which will be there for years. Work hard now and benefit from it later. Nice!

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    Awesome summary of this technique. I’ve just getting started in the niche marketing arena, and I’ve found all of this other places, but never all together in a logical step-by-step manner. Thanks!

    Zen Zoomie on August 19th, 2007
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    Thats the problem. There is so much info on the net but few people will tell you exactly step by step what to do.

    DayJobNuker on August 19th, 2007
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    There are lots os sites out that will give the information that is need but as said it is very hard to find them all in the right place. This is a good article and a great read.


    Make money online, can it be done? Join me @ and see if we can.

    Mike on August 19th, 2007
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    Great post. this is what ? have been doing for ten years and now have a nice monthly income from it, good luck if you try it

    Affiliate associate on November 24th, 2008