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Ebay Secret Niche Revealed – The Three Investigators

If you haven’t read about Niche #1 please go to Ebay secret niche.

My 2nd secret niche is: The Three Investigators books.

Books that are valuable: Book #’s 24 through 43

This niche is one I have been interested in for about 10 years. It involves hardback books from the 1960’s through 1980’s called The Three Investigators. These books are similar to the Hardy Boys but I think the stories are better. Much better because they are more realistic as they are about three normal everyday California boys who get involved and solve interesting mysteries. Even if you are not interested in making money from this niche you might want to acquire some of these books to read. (the paperback books are cheap and easy to find on Ebay)

The books that are more valuable are actually the newer ones because fewer were printed. Book #’s 1-23 are for the most part not valuable as so many were printed. Starting with #24, the books become harder to find and thus command a higher price.

This is a very complicated niche to explain and I should direct you to the best site on the Internet for the Three Investigators which can be found here The site’s owner has been buying Three Investigators books on Ebay and reselling them on his site for as long as I can remember.

The value of these books is very much determined by demand which fluctuates constantly. I have noticed that the highest prices on Ebay is always in the winter months. Like my Ping ball niche explained in my previous post, the condition of the books is crucial to their value. I have seen pristine first edition copies of the hardback later # books (#24 through #43) go for several hundred dollars on Ebay at certain times.

In the the Three Investigators series, there are only two hardbound editions: the regular Trade Edition which was sold to the public through retail bookstores and the Gibraltar Library Binding (GLB) Edition which was made available to the public through schools and libraries. Book numbers 29 through 43 were only printed in the library editions and were never sold in stores. It is these books that are harder to find and more valuable. Most that you find will have library cards and markings in them and if you can find one that does not have any markings you may have hit the jackpot. A later # book with no library markings is a rare find indeed!

I have made money on Ebay by finding great ‘buy it nows” and also by finding groups of books in an auction that had a rarer book or books mixed in. I have also found Three Investigators books listed and misspelled in various ways such as “investigaters” and  “investigator“. Sometimes they are listed under “Alfred Hitchcock books” as well. 

To learn more about what to look for and what is rare please go to the previously mentioned site There is information about every aspect of this series including what is rare and what to look for. Even if you don’t want to make money buying and selling, you might want to pick one of these books up and give it a read. And after you do, please give it to your son or daughter as they are really the ones the series was really meant for . 🙂

Again, I am asking that you, the reader, contribute a niche with some info about that niche if you can. I will write a post about your niche and link back to your site if you are able to contribute your knowledge about a potential money making niche.

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  • 1

    I’m hooked on your site. Just subscribed via RSS!

    Chuck Westbrook on August 23rd, 2007
  • 2

    Well Thanks. Tell all your friends 🙂

    DayJobNuker on August 23rd, 2007
  • 3

    I love those books. I never knew the later in the series were worth anything. I have a bunch of the beginning of the series, I started collecting them for my kids 🙂

    Ginny on August 23rd, 2007
  • 4

    You have the beginning books in the series just like I did and everyone else. The later ones are very hard to find and especially in good condition as they were all library books.

    DayJobNuker on August 24th, 2007
  • 5

    I love your concept! I liked it so much that I had to give you some Stumble love. Adding you to bloglines now!

    Good stuff.

    Greg on August 24th, 2007
  • 6

    Thanks. Please spread the word and please anyone…I need more niches to keep this going. I really don’t have that many and I need your help.

    DayJobNuker on August 24th, 2007
  • 7

    Great post! I remember the Three Investigators books with great fondness!

    Mark Dykeman on August 25th, 2007
  • 8

    OK, so I can’t seem to sell a 300.00 Betsey Johnson dress on eBAy? What am I doing wrong? Love your site.

    Kali on August 25th, 2007
  • 9

    I loved these novels when I was younger. Thanks for showing me that I should have collected them instead of reading them!

    Lewis Empire on August 26th, 2007