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Email And The Written Word – Be VERY Careful

My last post described Mrs. DayJobNuker quitting her job and being exposed to some “PC rubbish” as one reader put it. Well yesterday I was dealing with the difficulties of text based communication (AKA the comment section of blog posts).

Garry Conn over at is running a contest and the winner gets links to their last 10 posts on the upper right of his website for a month. It’s a nice site and a nice prize. I was the first to comment on the post and noted that I thought it would probably be difficult for a blog with a smaller audience to win.

He looked at my site, seemed to like it, and followed with a comment of his own saying not to underestimate my site. So far so good. Well later in the day I decided to participate and added another comment that I would participate. Then I made my mistake. I tried to be funny. I still think 8 or 9 out of 10 people would not have misunderstood my post and understood that I was making a play off my DayJobNuker name and site but he definitely was one of those few.

He totally misread my intentions and countered with some lengthy defense of his contest and ended by saying that he didn’t need my “negativity” and I was no longer welcome to enter. WHAT? I quickly went back to read my post and realized this all could have been avoided (perhaps) if I had put a “LOL” or a ” 🙂 ” at the end of it.

Well I wrote another post, he apologized, and I hope everything is OK now. It was probably half my fault and half his fault. (Garry if you are reading this I really think it was 75% your fault LOL 🙂 )This is a great example of why I HATE email. It’s just too hard to put emotion, or laughter, or correctly convey your tone with JUST the written word.

In the office-place it seems everything now is done by email. I now read every email I send to clients at least four times. It’s painful let me tell you. I look at the email thinking to myself is there any possible way this can be misinterpreted? Any at all? You’ve got to be so careful now days that it is really sad.

Anyway check out the contest over at and click on the comments link at the top of the post for the blow by blow of what we posted. See who’s fault you think it is and then come back and vote below!

One more thing, EMAIL is ANOTHER reason I want to Nuke My Day Job! I HATE it!

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