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Zac Johnson – Here Are Some Of His Websites

Zac Johnson calls himself a “Super Affiliate” and seems to be making a ton of money. If you read his blog ( its all about his new house and how he is able to make money from home, his Hummer, his frequent high roller trips to Atlantic City, and how much he is making on the Internet. His 9/10/07 post describes making over $10,000 in commissions with one ad network alone in August! 

How does he do it? That is the one thing that sort of bothers me about some of the “big players” who make a lot of money and blog about it. They sure love to tell you how much they are making but they never tell you how they are really doing it. If they have other websites (other than their blog) that are making all the money, they rarely if ever reveal them. Is that because they don’t want you to know? I think so.

I have listed some of his websites in the list below. I cannot say for sure that they are all his but I know most of them are and they all seem to be the same type of site. They are geared toward the teen MySpace crowd. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one site that had anything worthwhile on it (my opinion) as it seems like they are all a maze of ads, ad links, links to more pages with ads, and then links to celebrity pictures and MySpace junk.

You can buy ebook after ebook telling you how to make money on the Internet and none of them will ever show you a working example of a website that is making money. Well, here are some working examples. Take a look at them because apparently they are making money.

 (Website list has been removed)

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    Many people don’t share their lifestyle-enabling websites because they don’t want to invite people to copy their work. On my blog, I share stories of sites that I have, but I am not going to out websites that are providing me with substantial passive income. The times I do share my websites, they are either startup sties, hobby sites, small contributors, or past their prime.

    It is very obvious that Zac is making as much or more money than he talks about. I don’t know what other websites he has to bring in that income and I don’t really care. The fact that he is successful is enough incentive for me to read his blog.

    DerekBeau on September 16th, 2007
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    I like the people that doesn’t reveal their income because you never know if one is faking it or not unless they are like the top bloggers. Not sure how top zac is.

    david on September 16th, 2007
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    How can you not care how they are doing it? And how is it “very obvious that Zac is making as much or more money than he talks about”?

    I never doubted he was making a lot of money but when you have a blog that is basically about how much money you are making don’t you have to back it up, at least somewhat?

    John Chow and Shoemaker say they are making a ton of money and they say it is their blog that is pulling in the dollars. Everyone can look at the blog and study how they are doing it.

    What is to stop me or anyone else from saying they are making $5,000 or $10,000 a month if I don’t have to back it up?

    I’m trying to put out ideas and posts about how I have made money (my Ebay Secret Niches, Build A Niche, and poker posts) and I try to lay it all out for everyone to see….step by step.

    Not everyone has to do this but I think it is refreshing when they do.


    DayJobNuker on September 16th, 2007
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    Dude I’m with you 100%! I’m following your BANS progress and trying to decide whether or not to do it myself. I think it rocks that you put up your expenses and earnings honestly, and tell the truth about what a mission it is to make money online.

    My experience is that it’s very possible, but making money isn’t that easy. You have to work at it just like every other job, at least at first.

    I believe that Zac Johnson is making money, because anyone who has that many cheesy ad sites must be. Personally I can’t bring myself to do that, and if I’m going to make money online I’d rather it was because of something cool or clever that I did that people enjoy and want to keep using.

    As for John Chow & co, I think I read somewhere on John’s blog that he does have several other sites. I’ll believe in Paypal instant money generators before I’ll believe that he makes all that money from his blog though.

    Personally I’ve found that it’s hard work just getting your blog or site any traffic at all, and then building that traffic is hard work too.

    Chase on September 16th, 2007
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    Hey there. I didn’t catch your name yet, but I saw your post on my blog article about the Ebay Niche stores. My website is and you left a comment about this site..

    I have bookmarked your site and would like to stay in contact. My quest is to also nuke my dayjob. Not that I would want to quit it, but so that I would not have to go in if I did not want to. I have such a cool employer, I think I want to stay forever. But you know what I mean. I would just like to see if I can do it too. To make enough income online in my spare time to equal my day job or more.. Passive income.. Residual income!!! I hear you bro.. Right now I’m making about $50 or more with Google AdSense and the Ebay affiliate program. I have about 8 or so sites that are currently generating this income. Thanks for stopping by my site, and be sure to stop back and leave me another comment! Let’s stay in touch.

    -Corey on September 17th, 2007
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    they pull everybody into a trap.. they build up their traffic saying they know how to make tons of money.. then they post about great thing that can help you make money.. you click and sign up.. boom you just gave them a referral (rinse and repeat).. then people start to pay them to mention their site in a post

    thewild1 on September 17th, 2007
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    I think people who are afraid of naming their sites are usually webmasters for crappy sites (but good ideas) that woul dbe easy to copy given enough effort. I list my main sites because there’s more to them than just a lucky idea.

    I’ve got other sites that are crappy but lucky and I don’t share those because they’d be very easy to duplicate. My large sites don’t have any get rich quick ideas but instead use the good old strategy of good content and traffic building. That can’t be copied as easily so I don’t mind sharing.

    Might come back to bite me in the arse but hopefully not.


    Kirsty on September 17th, 2007
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    Dude.. Since I posted a comment on your site yesterday, I got a few more hits on my site today and a new registered user. I made about $2.30 in Google AdSense clicks on this site too! Thanks bro. Gotta go read some more of your posts.

    -Corey on September 18th, 2007
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    Hey man.. I’m back. I just had to stop by your site and read some more of your interesting posts. The most interesting thing I read about today was regarding the Million Dollar Wiki site. That was a pretty cool idea. Similar to the idea.. But is looking pretty lucrative. Stop by my site again if you get the chance. Have you had much luck promoting ClickBank products?

    Talk later.

    Corey on September 19th, 2007
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    I think it’s definitely about not wanting people to copy exactly what they are doing. I applaud you for being so open about what you do, it’s the reason I’m subscribed.

    – Brian

    Brian on September 19th, 2007
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    I think posting the full details is awesome, but not something that I expect from someone. Posting all of that information is more than generous. Telling people exactly how to do what they figured out, step-by-step, is comical in my mind to expect. I am sure you have not and are not planning to post detailed instructions on how you have made the money you have. As with everything else, you don’t have to read what someone writes if you don’t like it (for whatever reason).

    Jason Golod on September 20th, 2007
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    I think your blog is very refreshing. Sometimes I scratch my head at how these people can make their money as they aren’t providing anything new. It’s just common sense.

    Still, you got to follow the herd as that’s where the traffic is…

    mariam on September 20th, 2007
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    I come from the sports blogging world where very few, if any sites make cash from theirs. Some claim to be rolling in the dough though, i just don’t see how its possible. I know i’d blog just to blog, but i would love to figure out ways to really maximize the revenue of the site while still not totally selling myself out to the allmighty dollar. Gotta be a balance somewhere. Your site is interesting work though, keep it up, check out ours if you get the chance, i’d love the feedback.

    Chimpanzee Rage on September 20th, 2007
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    Thanks for that list. I’ve been reading the Super Affiliates blog for a few months now and have been annoyed that he never shows us any real examples!

    How did you find them?

    Christianity and Politics on September 20th, 2007
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    Christianity and Politics, if you dig hard enough you can find almost any and all information on the Internet. There are clues here and there for almost anything by doing a lot of searches.

    DayJobNuker on September 20th, 2007
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    Makes me wonder why we read some of these people’s blogs just to see their new house or car or what they had for lunch. It’s like, great, you’re rich, but you’re still not particularly interesting.

    Angel - make money blogging on September 22nd, 2007
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    I don’t know…maybe some of these are creating hypes around themselves, display how much money they seem to be making , by doing this, they can create a viral effect and send people to their blogs….but again,maybe they are real

    Batik & Handicrafts on November 9th, 2009