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This is part 2 of a 3 part Project Payday Review and an explanation of how incentivized Freebie Websites work. Good money can be made if you know how and you don’t even need a website to do it! You can now get Project Payday for free by just clicking my link and giving them your email address. They will then email you to let you know how you can get it for free. Please read Project Payday review part 1 first if you haven’t already.
If you have any doubt that money is being made in this IFW industry then please go to and go to the trophy room that is the third thread down in the ‘Water Cooler” section. This is where people from Project Payday brag about how much they have made and they supply screen prints of their PayPal accounts. Some of the payments are in the mid hundred dollar range. There are tutorial sections and all sorts of help on that forum to get you started understanding exactly what is going on.

What exactly is going on? An easy way to find out is through Project Payday which you can now get for free by just doing an offer! This program will get you up to speed fast and lower your learning curve. is where people come (beginners usually) to fulfill other peoples referral requirements. As a beginner you will be offered many opportunities to sign up for items through other peoples referral links. As a reward for doing that, the person will pay the newbie anywhere from $20 to $50 for signing up and completing the offer(s). This is called going green”.

As a beginner, once you find a referal person (called a trader) you want to work for, you click through their link to a website that will have tons of offers. First you have to select the prize you want and to get that prize (either electronics or PayPal cash) you will have to refer others at a future time. Before that though, you will need to fulfill that first offer and earn some money from your trader.

Unfortunately, most of these offers are not totally free. In the beginning, you will have to use your money to make money and the pure profit you make will, in reality, be small. In some cases, you might even do a trade and the amount you spend in offers will be HIGHER than the amount you make for the green; so it will actually be a financial loss instead of a gain… BUT if it’s an offer you genuinely want to begin with then it might be worth it.

The types of offeres that are available are really not that great and ones we have all heard of before. Some are Columbia House DVD’s, Dermacia, credit card companies, loans, and other things of that sort. There are a lot of trial offers that you have to pay shipping and handling on and then you will have to remember to cancel your “membership” or you will get charged next month. That is how many of these companies work…they give you a “free” one month supply and hope you like the product or forget to cancel next month so that they can automatically ship more and bill you.

In order to do these “free” offers you will need to use a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card you cannot do them. The traders will then ALWAYS pay you in PayPal funds so your credit card will be going down and your PayPal balance will be going up after you get paid.

Participating in this way it is very hard to make any significant money with freebie websites. Another reason it is hard is that once you have done a trial you can’t do it again so your ability to make money as a newbie is very limited. But everyone has to start out just like this and the most successful ones know that this period of doing offers for cash is the “paying your dues” period which is necessary for future financial success. There is a rating system at much like that of Ebay so that you can have an idea of the honesty of the person you are dealing with. It is important to get your rating up as high as possible so that people are willing to work with you.

If this all seems very complicated to you I suggest you check out Project Payday (You can get this program by just signing up and completing one offer! You don’t even have to buy it.) which will tell you what to do step by step. You can also go and study the FreeLunchRoom forum and read the threads to get a better idea of how this all comes together.

So far I have outlined how to get your feet wet in this industry and in Project Payday review part 3 I discuss the good stuff….how to really make some money by “jumping the fence” and possibly turning it into a work from home job.

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    I’m always skeptical when one has to whip out the credit card for these money making offers.

    david on September 18th, 2007
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    This is an interesting idea. I do however think it is just a very short term way to make money. And like you said you could end up losing because of what you have to pay out.

    Motorola Razr Accessories on September 26th, 2007
  • 4

    It looked like you planed to write another part to this is that correct? If so I am curious to read it.

    Motorola Razr Accessories on September 26th, 2007
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    To the above comments – it all depends on how you work the system. When I started with Project Payday, I invested $3 of my own cash – since then, I’ve been using nothing but profit. Since May, I’ve gotten paid approximately $20K from these sites, and yes you are paying out, but that’s only 50% on average. So you really aren’t loosing anything if you work it right. Also, I’m doing this part time alone. So, all in all, it’s a pretty good deal!

    Leslie on October 10th, 2008