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This is part 3 of a 3 part Project Payday Review and an explanation of how incentivized Freebie Websites work. Good money can be made if you know how and you don’t even need a website to do it! You can now get Project Payday for free by just clicking my link and giving them your email address. They will then email you to let you know how you can get it for free. Please read Project Payday review part 1 and Project Payday review part 2  if you haven’t already.
In parts 1 and 2 I covered the basics of freebie websites and discussed how to get started and maybe make a little money. Now it is time to make the bigger money by “jumping the fence”. This is the part I like as this website’s name and purpose is all about nuking your job and working for yourself!

When you are a complete beginner, you pretty much have to learn the ropes by fulfilling other peoples referrals and learning as much as you can. Project Payday is free and will help you with this. You have to fulfill one offer yourself on every website anyway before you can yourself go for the bigger dollars and items. Once you do that one offer though, you are free to go recruit your own helpers.

This is definitely where the good money is made. Would you rather be a little worker bee fulfilling offers for someone else or would you rather have a whole horde of newbies working for you? Some of the successful traders do this full time and spend most of their day trying to find others to work for them.

At first it would be smart to choose the smaller prizes or cash amount so that you can make sure you are not juggling too many plates at the same time. As a trader, you will want to learn everything you can because if you are going to be successful at finding newbies willing to work for you and fulfill offers  for you, you will often have to walk them through it. You will be the one paying them the money and leading the way therefore the more you know the better.

Once you get the hang of it and build your reputation and PayPal account up, you can start going for the three, four, and five hundred dollar cash prizes. Then you will be needing as many as 10 different referrals and you will have to make sure you can deal with that many people and have everything go smoothly.

Once you reach the stage where you are the trader, you no longer have to worry about credit card bills, keeping track of offers, and remembering to cancel the offers you signed up for. You will do everything through PayPal including paying those people working for you and getting paid by the referral websites. Your only challenge will be setting up shop in the forum, recruiting others to work for you, making sure they understand what to do, and keeping track of them.

If done correctly you can make well over a thousand a month with only a minimal amount of work. Some people make over $2000 a month. As with any job, though, the more you learn and the more work you put into it the more you can make. There are many different freebie websites to get involved with and many of them allow you to do unlimited offers. If you do it correctly it is like running your own little business.

I hope this Project Payday review has been instructive and sheds some light on incentivised freebie websites and their money making potential. Some people have turned it into a work from home job. Remember to read as much as you can and get help with Project Payday  before you get in over your head if you decide to give it a try.

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  • 1

    […] far I have outlined how to get your feet wet in this industry and in part 3 (HERE) I discuss the good stuff….how to really make some money by “jumping the […]

  • 2

    Excellent tutorial, helped alot!


    Sam Benson on September 19th, 2007
  • 3

    Is hard to understand their slangs. I’m going crazy trying to decipher their sentences!

    david on September 19th, 2007
  • 4

    David, if you click on the Project Payday and give them your Email etc. you will then be given the option of getting the program by just doing one of the offers they have listed. You don’t even have to buy the program. Check it out! It will probably save you lots of time figuring things out.

    DayJobNuker on September 19th, 2007
  • 5

    Found you from a friend’s stumble favorites…and I can see why. I have a lot of reading to do!

    Danielle Blogging for Balance on September 19th, 2007
  • 6

    […] part 2 (HERE) I go over how you can get started and in part 3 (HERE) I explain what your ultimate goal should be if you are to pursue this very real money making […]

  • 7

    I just wanted to say that I found your site on the dofollow D-list, and I’m glad I found you.

    This series, combined with your Zac Johnson “expose” made me subscribe to your feed.

    Thanks for the content. Keep up the good work.

    Christianity and Politics on September 20th, 2007
  • 8

    I don’t know. I just signed up to Project Pay Day and already I’m a little suspicious. All the “urgency” to join now is one red flag. But what I noticed after signing up is that they offer you some tasks to take on, which is good, but they all have the fine print that reads something to the effect of “this being a trial offer and afterwards you’ll be charged $34.95 per month, but you can cancel at anytime”.

    Perhaps I’m being too cautious or overlooked something, or maybe a little of both.

    Great series, btw. You definitely put a lot of hard work into putting all this information together. Thanks for that!

    Mark on September 21st, 2007
  • 9

    That’s why you have to get to the “jumping the fence” stage before you start earning any real money. You want to have all the other people working for you and doing all the trial offers for you.

    DayJobNuker on September 21st, 2007
  • 10

    This all sounds really interesting, but I’m also a bit skeptical since there are so many scams online. Also, PayPal usually catches on to stuff like this eventually and implements new rules to prevent it.

    This may all be very legit, but I just don’t understand it yet. I will probably check out Project Payday before I fully pass judgment… 🙂

    So, DayJobNuker — are you currently working the IFW deals? If so, how are you doing with it? It would be great to see some IFW stats similar to the BANS stats you’ve posted.


    Dave M on September 22nd, 2007
  • 11

    Dude I’m so glad your site is doing great. It is getting some serious traffic. I’m sure it will get some google page rank before long. You alexa rankings are awesome..

    Anyways, I found you because you had originally left a post on my blog

    As far as freebie websites, I like using Joomla which is a free open source software/script that you can install through most cpanels using fantastico. It works great with the ebay affiliate program. It is exactly like using BANS, but only free! You just use the ebay RSS feed creator here:

    Then you will be able to create your search and put in your CJ id. The next page of results will have an RSS button or logo near the bottom of the page. You click on that and it takes you to the xml page and you just grab the URL that is in the browser and plug that into the Joomla news feeds. After you have added it as a news feed on your site, then you just create a menu link that links Directly to that news feed. Here are some examples of my Joomla eBay niche sites..

    You can see how nice they look. I just downloaded some free templates and modified the header/logo using photoshop. But you can use a free program like Photo Plus:

    Here are 2 more niche sites I created using a Front Page and

    These site have all been indexed by the search engines and get free traffic all the time. They are converting pretty well too. eBay is my favorite affiliate program at the moment.. along with google adsense!

    Good luck to all and let me know if you have any questions on how I built these sites. I’ll be more than glad to help you out.


    Corey on September 22nd, 2007
  • 12

    Great blog. I really liked it.

    mandy on September 28th, 2007
  • 13

    […] Incentivized Freebie Websites Tutorial – Part 3 […]

  • 14

    There are many incentivized websites when I look around. Some of them are doing very well – probably over millions a year. But we need to be very informed when starting this type of sites, right? we need to be punctual in payments etc so that we won’t get “bombarded” by angry customers waiting for their money..

    kaklong on December 23rd, 2007
  • 15

    Hey this page is awsome. Thank you for your review on projectpaydays. After reading this I have a better understanding of it. 🙂

    Jane on January 5th, 2009
  • 16

    Good review. I’m looking forward to giving this a try.

    Frank White on February 2nd, 2009