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Freedom: What it’s like to NUKE your job

Vince Runza is a Ghostwriter and content producer for Internet Marketers. In addition to write-for-hire assignments, he has produced Private Label Rights articles and several reports on Niche Marketing. He is a good example of someone who has learned how to make money from home by writing. If you want killer content and very fast turnaround, contact him at


For many of you, wondering what it’s like to really be free of the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) is just a dream or vision. For some of you, it’s coming soon. For a very few, it just seems impossible. Yet, you continue to dare to imagine it.


No matter where you are on that time scale, know that there are two things you can do to increase the chances your freedom will come sooner rather than later:


·        Know yourself

·        Make a plan


The first involves discovering your “End Values.” Most of the things we want or do are the means to an end. By getting right down to what ends you wish to achieve, you strengthen your mind and imagination in a way that is not possible otherwise. Making a written plan for yourself means you not only involve more senses in your vision of the future (touch being very important), but you create a type of commitment to yourself that is powerful.


Getting down to your end values is a process. You start with what you think you want now, and ask yourself, “What does that get me?” For example, “I want a million dollars” — well, what does that get you? The fact is, most people want what a million dollars could give them: freedom of movement, choices not limited by money, prestige, etc.


The next step is to re-ask that question. What would “prestige” get you? Perhaps less stress from having to prove yourself or more admiration from other people. Keep working your wants until you reach an end point. I value Harmony, Trust and Fulfillment as my End Values. Notice that money isn’t an end value for me. In fact, it’s a means to reach #3 — Fulfillment.


Now comes the easier part — coming up with a plan. You begin by identifying your core competence. What is the one thing you do best? I’m talking the skill, ability or talent you have that you do so well, you do it as a matter of course. Mine happens to be writing, just like this. I didn’t make an outline or create a draft — I sat down, opened a new document and started writing. Sure, I’ve made some corrections, but they were on the fly and didn’t take up more than a few moments.


That major strength is going to be at the core of your moneymaking business. And, make no mistake; you need to be businesslike. If you’re thinking a hobby or pastime can become profitable without serious planning, WAKE UP! For one thing, the taxman won’t see it that way. You’ll find that you cannot make certain types of deductions for a hobby that a business could take advantage of.


You start with a Mission Statement: why you would be willing to put up with the inevitable disappointments, challenges, hurdles and temporary failures you will unquestionably face being self-employed. Mine happens to be “Provide superior information and content to Internet Marketers and customers.” It’s deceptively simple, but embodies all my end values. Think about it. When you frame your Mission Statement, try to include all the End Values you know are most important to you.


The rest of your business plan will be framed by the particular type of business you envision. It’s too involved for me to discuss all the different types in this blog post. Don’t worry: there are plenty of online and offline resources for you to get serious help in making your own plan come to life.


Six months ago, I was laid off from my crappy, part-time job. I had six months of Unemployment Compensation benefits to tide me over while I built my business. Five months ago, I got help making a solid business plan from a professional. Three months ago, I made more money than I was making in my old job. This month, I’ve got money in the bank and automated income from info-products that sell while I sleep.


All it took was knowing myself, planning my work and being persistent in working my plan. Go, Thou, and do likewise!

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  • 1

    I was so excited when I was able to nuke my day job. I just have to keep the motiviation up to work since I work from home now hahaha Its so easy to get drowned into the tv and playing video games 😡

    Amanda on September 26th, 2007
  • 2

    I actually nuked my job a few months ago and left on good terms when I was up for a promotion. The pay just wasn’t worth it after a while.

    Now, I write 8-14 hours a day and make a heck of a lot less, but the feeling of only answering to yourself is priceless.

    Jon on September 26th, 2007
  • 3

    Interesting article sharing some neat ideas, I am still working on my plan and hope to do the same as you all have some day too. Till then I will keep tinkering away during the day 🙂

    Buddy on December 1st, 2007