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Update From Tokyo

in: Japan

The Japanese have LIVE COLOR TV and EMAIL on their cell phones (called mobile phones over here). I couldn’t figure out why I saw so many of them looking at their open flip phones. Where they playing some super addictive game? I didn’t think so but I couldn’t figure out what they were doing. Well, I finally got my hands on one and they have TV with sound and Email on their phones! I don’t know exactly how many have it or what it costs but they sure have the technology and a lot of people have it.

I have taken a lot of pictures but I forgot to bring the cord that connects the camera to my computer. When I get back I will put up a few of the more interesting ones. I’ve got some ones of people in traditional Japanese clothes and some of people dressed up in Cosplay attire.

On another note, I have decided to begin a new “diary” (similar to my BANS review) for incentivized freebie websites (you can read my tutorial here of Project Payday). I will be getting Project Payday and going through all the steps to get started and to see if I can be successful in “jumping the fence“. I will keep records of everything including how much time I spend so that everyone can see what the potential is. I will begin that shortly after I get back from my trip. (I never ended up doing this)

I am off now to another $30.00 breakfast buffet and some dried fish. (nah, just kidding about the dried fish as I hate the stuff) Things are already expensive in Tokyo and then the exchange rate on top of it really kills you.

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    Hey cool – I remember seeing a presentation about how this technology was being utilized in Japan and it would be coming to the US very soon. I suppose it all has to do with demand – I have been told the Japanese are even more addicted to their cell phones than Americans are.

    joseph perros on September 28th, 2007