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Most Expensive Ebay Misspelling Ever? $503,000.00

 This is undoubtedly one of the biggest Ebay blunders in history and it cost a guy about $503,000.00! What he had was “an actual museum quality sealed and intact bottle of Samuel Allsopp’s Arctic Ale brewed for the 1852 Expedition to the Arctic lead by Sir Edward Belcher. This bottle of beer is likely the rarest, oldest, and most documented bottle of beer in existence! Not to mention the unbelievably unique history surrounding it. Accompanying the bottle is an actual limited handwritten history about the bottle itself”. Seller “petere92346” used this for his title:

The biggest error is misspelling “Allsopp” with one P and then he put a period between “ale” and “full”. He then proceeded to put up only 3 pictures and had a short one paragraph describing the item. He got 169 views with 2 bids and a final bid amount of $304.00. You can view the ended auction HERE and HERE.

I have to believe he had no idea of what he had or it’s possible value. This shows the importance of doing research before you put your items up on Ebay.

Buyer “collectordan(who is now RICHcollectordan!) then proceeded to become the seller turning around and re-listing it on Ebay under this title:

He had 13 very good pictures and over 30 paragraphs describing the Beer bottle and giving it’s complete history. With the correct title in his listing he got 74,064 views, 157 bids, and a final bid price of $503,300.00! When that drops off Ebay you can view the screen print I took HERE.

All I can say is oops! Maybe next time “petere92346 will do a little research before he slaps an item up and doesn’t even check for errors! 

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  • 1

    Wow – that guys must be kicking himself in the head right now. $503k loss for spelling poorly and not knowing what he had.

    On another note – who would pay $503k for a bottle of beer?

    Leroy Brown on October 19th, 2007
  • 2

    […] items on a daily basis hoping to find something misspelled that few others would see. See this post where I show a misspelling error that cost someone […]

  • 3

    incredible… just when you think there are no good deals left on ebay and this guys buys something that sells for 1/2 a $mill for $300. I would have gone to $600 at least 🙂

    Scott on October 20th, 2007
  • 4

    that is a price he will want to forget forever..

    Etienne Teo on October 20th, 2007
  • 5

    I remember reading about this awhile back. At the time I looked at the 2nd auction and it certainly looked “fishy.” All the bidders had low or no feedback and had very strange ID names. It looked a lot like Shilling for PR purposes. If not shilling, then a lot of clowns driving up the price. I don’t take people with 0 feedback bidding hundreds of thousands on a bottle as serious.

    Maybe I am wrong, but I have never see anything like it. Is there a way to list an auction where all the bidders names show something like “s*****t”?

    Jack The Net master on October 21st, 2007
  • 6

    That has got to suck so hard for Peter. Also I believe ale of this historic and quality should be worth millions so collectordan might be crying like Peter if a much more worthy buyer knows the true value of this ale.

    david on October 21st, 2007
  • 7

    Ouch. That is a perfect example of not doing some basic research first.

    It’s also a great example of how the winning bidder knew how to look for something of value off of the beaten path. While the first seller ends up looking foolish that other guy looks brilliant.

    El Yanqui on October 21st, 2007
  • 8

    OMG, now that was a COSTLY mistake. Hehe really funny. Though I feel quite sorry for the guy…And I wish I had seen that auction and grabbed it. Ah, 503,000!

    Ruchir on October 21st, 2007
  • 9

    I thought this was too good to be tue and yes it was… i looked into it turns out he never paid. check the feedback from collectordan the person who sold the beer

    Tom Russell on October 21st, 2007
  • 10

    The bidders names look funny because Ebay has changed the way they show the bidding ID’s so that not everyone can see who exactly is bidding. Only the seller can see the real ID’s so yes they were real people.

    Unfortunately, as the last comment states, I goofed and didn’t look at the feedback. It does appear the $503,300.00 sale never went through. However I think it is safe to say the bottle is worth WAY WAY more than the $304 that ColectorDan paid for it.
    I will keep checking to see if it is relisted.

    DayJobNuker on October 22nd, 2007
  • 11

    That’s still a lot of money for a bottle of bad beer.:)

    Rick on October 22nd, 2007
  • 12

    This is just CRAZY!!! I would have kicked myself and other things very hard!!! I had to just put a post on this so that more people know about the importance of putting up a correct listing.

    Gerri on October 25th, 2007
  • 13

    That’s … wow!

    Indy on November 30th, 2007
  • 14

    Hello…Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..holy Wednesday .

    WWE Lita on December 6th, 2007
  • 15

    News a week later…
    “petere92346 found dead, police say its an obvious suicide.”

    Andrew on December 6th, 2007
  • 16

    I wouldn’t have honored the damn auction. Better to lose an ebay account than that kind of money.

    My response…Sue me!

    James Lee on December 7th, 2007
  • 17

    I found a great website that you can use to help find great bargains that are misspelled. It’s (BTW – I found this site using StumbleUpon, much like I found this article and I am in no way affiliated with it. My website can be found by clicking my name. You use it like a search engine and it scans all the listed eBay items that are commonly misspelled. Great way to get a cool deal because someone didn’t hit spell check before posting their item on eBay.

    Dave on December 7th, 2007
  • 18

    it’s amazing the things people list on eBay that contain such obvious typos or misspellings!

    Matt on March 19th, 2008
  • 19

    What a great story. That shows you how much you need to understand your market. You need to know what makes your product valuable and what people are looking for.

    ING Direct Savings Accounts on May 1st, 2008
  • 20

    It is always amazing that people don’t spell check ebay and craigslist ads. eBay typos and misspellings (even ebay mispellings [sic] ) allow buyers to get great deals if they know how to find them. I like because they find typos like missing letters as well as phonetic spelling mistakes and because I can search my local craig’s list ads for misspelled items at the same time.

    Every time I search I am stunned that people can misspell simple things like “laptop” so consistently. Check out the “banana rebupbilc” link… I mean come one people, misspelling banana is not acceptable in 5th grade!

    Happy bidding and may you find another misspelled ebay bargain like the one here!

    mispelled ebay auctions on May 23rd, 2008