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DayJobNuker Free November Advertising Contest

First I want to thank Dorm Earning for bidding on and winning my auction for the top 125 X 125 button you see in the middle column. I appreciate it.
The button right below it will  go to this contest winner and will be theirs for the whole month of November. Here are the rules:

1) Please write a one or two sentence description of this contest or my blog linking to this contest.

2) Please subscribe to my RSS feed if you have not done so already (I will be operating on the honesty system on this one).

3) Please use the “contact form” here to email me letting me know you are entering the contest, have subscribed to my feed, and letting me know where your link to the contest is so I can verify it.

That’s it! The deadline will be October 31st at midnite Eastern U.S. time which is 9:00 PM Pacific time.

 I will assign each entry a number and Mrs. DayJobNuker will randomly pick the winning number. The winner will then have to provide me with their 125 X 125 ad button and it’s destination URL and the ad will stay up through the last day of November.

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    It appears you picked a winner, but did you ever announce it in a post?

    Scott Ficek on November 4th, 2007
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    Not one person contacted me to say they entered the contest.

    DayJobNuker on November 4th, 2007