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eHarmony Review – I Really Have Used It (Dr. Neil Clark Warren)

I met my wife through eHarmony and that is why I am doing this eHarmony review. This is a 100% true story. It was back in 2001 way before online dating was cool and way before dating sites were all over the place as they are now. I can tell you a little about the service and I can tell you it works.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren started eHarmony in 2000 and when I joined there were not that many people in the database. After filling out the personality analysis survey, I did not get a match for 6 months and frankly, I had totally forgotten about the service.

When you sign up (which is free) you are immediately taken to the survey. Let me tell you, this is one long personality analysis survey. The whole reason eHarmony  works is because of this questionnaire. If you are not serious in finding a spouse then don’t waste your time. If I remember correctly it took me over an hour to answer all the questions and it could have been closer to two hours.

This survey asks you question after question about everything you like, don’t like, think, don’t think, feel, don’t feel, want, and don’t want. It seemed that some of the questions were similar or worded similarly to other questions and I think that is to help you focus over and over on what your important characteristics are. Luckily, there is a “save” feature so you can save your progress and come back as many times as you like to finish filing out the survey. It also tells you your percentage progress so that you can judge how much more you have to go before you are finished. Once you are finished and submit your questionnaire, you wait for matches. I cannot tell you how long it will take to be matched but I know that in the 6 years since I did it there are a few more people in the system (probably a few million more).

So far everything I have outlined is free and here is a more detailed list:

At no cost, you may:

  • Complete our Relationship Questionnaire
  • Receive your in-depth, free Personality Profile, a $40 value
  • Receive compatible matches and review their profiles
  • Learn the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility that make for lasting relationships
  • Create your relationship Must Have and Can’t Stand lists, a thought-provoking exercise to help you determine what’s most important to you
  • Review our extensive library of newsletters and articles with thoughtful relationship advice from Dr. Neil Clark Warren

You only need to become a paying member of eHarmony when you are ready to take the next step and communicate with one of your matches. You do not get to meet them until you go through a multiple step process of communication. You first send each other questions to be answered by the other that go through the eHarmony system and you are not given the other person’s email. That goes on back and forth several times and only after both parties agree that it is OK to exchange emails will that be done. This is a great safety feature which enables you at any time to stop the communication for whatever reason and you remain anonymous.

After filling out such a long personality survey, you get a good feeling that your matches will have quite a lot in common with you and that is a good feeling. You know that they also took the time to answer all those questions and a fairly large number of your answers were compatible. You know that you must have something in common right from the start which is nice when you actually meet a person.

All Membership plans include:

  • Matches that are highly compatible with you, selected based on 29 Dimensions of compatibility.
  • Safe, anonymous communication through the eHarmony system.
  • Guidance in getting to know your matches. If desired, we’ll help you break the ice with your matches and cover some important questions upfront.
  • A RISK-FREE 7-day trial (initial membership only).

My wife was my second match and we were married two years later. I can definitely recommend Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s eHarmony to anyone who is serious about finding a spouse. The in-depth questionnaire is what seperates this dating site from the rest. No other site has anything this complex and comprehensive and your matches will be quality matches only. In the end, you will have a much better chance of finding your compatible partner and I am proof of it as I have shown in this eHarmony review.

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  • 1

    Grats on finding your soul mate! Stumbling this so others can find the right spouse!?

    david on November 18th, 2007
  • 2

    Thanks David

    DayJobNuker on November 18th, 2007
  • 3

    I have heard mixed reviews about eHarmony, but will have to checkout the service after reading this post.

    Steve on November 20th, 2007
  • 4

    As an atheist, eHarmony claims I don’t exist, and that there are no matches for me there.

    PlatypusMan on November 23rd, 2007
  • 5

    I don’t know how I keep finding people that have had success with eharmony. I have totally felt cheated by using the service. I finally broke down and signed up for a membership after finding out I had alot in common with a match. I couldn’t see his photo until I paid the membership fee. So I did hoping it would be a great match still. Dead wrong! They guy looked like Grizzly Adams and loooked MUCH older than he indicated on his profile. Said he was 37 which really he looked 57. I didn’t know it was common practice for 37 year olds’ to have a full grown beard that is completely grey.

    Pepper on September 1st, 2009