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Guest Posters Welcome

UPDATE: I no longer accept guest posts. Thanks for your interest.

If you would like to guest post on this blog please contact me through the “contact” tab at the top or leave a comment here. I’ve had two guest posters so far and you can see their posts here.

This blog is about:

1) making money online or offline
2) trying to figure out ways to “nuke your job
3) disliking your job
4) disliking your managers
5) wanting to be your own boss
6) disliking the politically correct office environment
7) making fun of things at the office
8) any work from home jobs you have had
9) and anything to do with the office and jobs you dislike.

I would want your post to fall into any one of those general categories. I would be especially pleased to have anyone write about a specific way they have made money in the past. Any original post about making money will be welcomed.

I would also welcome other points of view such as from a manager’s perspective. If you are a manager and would like to write about how hard you work, how your employees are dificult to manage, or how you think everyone should be slaving for you the rest of their life please feel free to contact me as well. 🙂

How about posts on working for yourself and how hard it is to be self employed? The dream of being your own boss is not for everyone and any post discussing that topic would be great as well.

I will write (or you can write) a brief couple of introductory sentences about you and/or your website and you may link to it a few times in your post.

Please let me know if you are interested via the contact form at the top of the page

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    I love your blog, in fact it is one of my favorites. I got pretty excited when I saw you are looking for guest posters. I would love the opportunity to post on your blog. I’m not sure exactly how it works, so let me know what I need to do. 🙂


    Jackie Lee on November 19th, 2007
  • 2

    Thanks Jackie,
    Well, in my post I have gone over some of the things you can write about. Pretty much stuff about making money or job related.

    There is no timeline here, so you can send me your article/post whenever you have it done. I will look it over and get back to you.

    I cannot promise to put up every post I get as I have to believe it has some value of course. But, worst case scenario for you, even if I absolutely hate it then you have not wasted your time as you can post it on your own blog.

    DayJobNuker on November 19th, 2007
  • 3

    Lol, hope after reading your blog I have the guts to say “You’re fired!!!” to my boss 😛

    Edward on November 19th, 2007
  • 4

    So far 4 people have shown an interest in submitting guest posts. Thanks and there is room for a lot more. Don’t be shy!

    DayJobNuker on November 19th, 2007
  • 5

    I am already member of Blurbosphere blog network. I’ll also like to post to your blog , if you allow.
    Let me know. Thanks.

    Google Assassin on November 19th, 2007
  • 6

    The problem is that most people don’t even have the time to write on their own blogs!

    I am looking forward for the guest posts though.

    Daniel @ Daily Bits on November 19th, 2007
  • 7

    NUKE your job and you’ll have time….but then you may not eat either…

    Skiing at Home on November 20th, 2007
  • 8

    My utmost pleasure to write a post for you. I can write on the first topic: Online money. I have loads of experience to tell 😛

    Carpentry Jobs on November 23rd, 2007
  • 9

    Carpentry Jobs,
    Send me your post whenever you have it ready and I will have a look at it. Thanks

    DayJobNuker on November 23rd, 2007
  • 10

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  • 11


    Thanks for asking if I want to do any guest posting here. Of course I do! Not sure what to do next. Do I just send you the post?

    Oh and I tried using your contact form but I don’t think it’s working so I commented here instead. Hope that’s ok.

    And I also replied to your original comment on my blog about this.


    Trent Brownrigg on December 3rd, 2007
  • 12

    I just sent you an email

    DayJobNuker on December 3rd, 2007
  • 13

    […] I am sure you will enjoy. If you are interested in guest posting on this blog please click HERE to read how you can do it. I am always looking for more good guest […]

    Are You At Work Or In Prison? on December 11th, 2007
  • 14


    I just sent you another guest post via email. I hope you like it enough to publish.


    Trent Brownrigg on September 12th, 2008