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Do You Like Auctions? SilverTag Auctions Is Unique

I love Ebay and have been a member since 1999. Silver Tag auctions is a different kind of auction site that is kind of bizarre. You win by having the lowest unique bid. What this means is that you have to have the lowest bid that no one else has bid to be the winner.

Take for example an iPod that costs $299.00. There are probably going to be many bids of .01, .02, .10 and so on so you have to be lucky and guess the lowest bid you think no one may have picked (unduplicated bid). If someone already has bid that amount it will tell you and you bid again. You have a set number of bids a day that you can use and when you use them all up you have to wait till the next day.

Some of the VIP auctions you can bid on at Silver Tag auctions (signup is free) are things like trips to Las Vegas, backstage with Bon Jovi and Gretchen Wilson, and other packages like that. The regular auctions are mostly the cool elctronics gadgets we all want like iPhones, Nintendo Wii’s, iPods, and digital camcorders. The video below explains more about this very different Silver Tag auction site.

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    There’s actually a company called bid 4 prizes that does something similar to this:

    They have a really slick SMS campaign that converts like crazy.

    I’ve seen their offers on RocketProfits, Copeac, and I think Incentaclick.

    There are probably more, but they convert really well, and I think they’re about to have their own TV show.

    Jeremy Estes on November 25th, 2007
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    I signed up to SilverTag and it is positively ADDICTING. I haven’t won anything yet though.

    Chester on November 28th, 2007
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    I will have to checkout that site. I love auctions.

    Steve on November 30th, 2007