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Hey Whassup?… That’s What

I hate boring blogs and lets face it, most of the millions of blogs out there are exactly that. Well, Mike at has come to the rescue. They say you decide in the first 3 seconds whether you are going to stay or leave when you first visit a blog or website. In my first 3 seconds at WhassUpJack, I decided to stay and poke around some and I’ll bet you will too.

WhassUpJack is a blog about “Nothing and Everything” and that is a smart move. It allows Mike to post about a variety of subjects that he finds interesting. His categories include “blogs under the radar”, “cool sites”, “blogging”, “oddball”, “video”, “entertainment”, “current news” and many more. There is a nice mix of articles, cool videos, pictures, and quizes all making for a very entertaining blog.

Set up on an “easy on the eye” WordPress theme, his blog has everything well organized. It took me a second or two to find the categories and archives (they are in the upper right) but once I did I was able to navigate easily and find everything I wanted.

I didn’t have to search at all though, to find this post where he is giving away a free software package of your choice from his Ebay store in exchange for you signing up for his email RSS feed. Seems pretty easy and as he says, “everyone likes a free deal!”

I did notice that the RSS feed button is a little small and overlaps awkwardly with the blog title. I think that button should be in a better place and be bigger to get more subscriptions. I also noticed that for me at least, the site looked better in Firefox than in Internet Explorer. In IE, several of the ads were not displaying properly.

WhassUpJack is updated with interesting content about 6 times a week. Mike is working hard to put out a quality blog and it shows. It is one of those sites that you might find yourself coming back to over and over to see what Mike is up to and just to see whassup. You know what I mean?


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  • 1

    Thanks. I love your site and thanks for the great review.

    mike on December 3rd, 2007
  • 2

    checked it out, some interesting content, but i prefer the layout of this blog!

    Self Improvement Ideas on December 3rd, 2007
  • 3

    Nice review Dude. I’ll check it out!

    Dennis on December 3rd, 2007
  • 4

    Thanks for the head-up. Head over there now. Maybe I could learned something that will make my blog worth visiting.

    Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

    ArahMan7 on December 4th, 2007