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How2Blogger Shows You How To Be Funny

Every once in a while you come across a blog and think to yourself,  “Damn (or darn?), why didn’t I think of that!” That’s exactly what I said (I said “damn”) when I went to for the first time. Every post on the blog begins with the two words “How to…”. I love “how to” posts and I looked through DayJobNuker and counted 7 of my own “how to” and/or “how I” posts!

Everyone needs information and searches for it constantly on the Internet so the idea to have a blog where every post tells you how to do something seems brilliant to me. Also, how can Patrick (the blog author) ever run out of ideas? There are a million different things he can research so it seems like he will have plenty to write about for a long time to come.

What makes this blog special is that it is a combination of serious posts and humorous posts. For example, one of my favorite posts is titled “How To Decide Who Will Stay Behind To Detonate The Bomb”. For some reason I just think that is funny. Another one is “How To Grow A Mullet’ where he outlines several different mullet styles including the “business mullet” and the “Wal-Mart mullet”. Good stuff.

One post you are definitely going to want to read is “How To Win $100” in his contest that is going on until December 29th. To win you need to earn entries by doing all the usual things like subscribe to his RSS feed etc. and even that post is written with a lot of humor.

The blog itself looks nice, is well organized, and easy to navigate. Patrick uses pictures quite well to make his posts more interesting and stand out from one another. The only thing I missed was a better “About” page as I would have liked to learn more about the person behind this very clever blog.

The suprising thing is that How2Blogger is only a month old and will only get better with time. Patrick knows how to keep his readers entertained and the combination of serious and humorous posts works real well. As one of the comments by a reader states, “How have I survived until now without your blog? It’s wonderful!


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    Especially with How to you will never run out of ideas. There will be something or other to write.

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    Blogging is definitely not as easy as it looks.
    Its not easy to keep a steady stream of ideas flowing.
    However it is true that How To blogs are easier to maintain than others.

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