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Review Of is a real good name for a blog about making money! A name like that probably wouldn’t be available today and the blog’s archives go back to April of 2005 which is probably why Hock, the sites owner, was able to nab such a good name.  

According to one of his posts (A review of Text Links Ads Earnings) Hock owns about 30 sites and is quite successful at earning money online. In another article about the Amazon affiliate program, he shows earnings of over $2,900.00 and outlines why he likes the program. The only thing I wish he would reveal is how he does it!

There is a good article called “How Does JohnCow Make Mooney?” where Hock goes over all the ways that blog makes it’s money and he does a lot of analysis. That article just made me wish for more like it, however, as most of the posts are much shorter than that one.

MoneyMakingBlogs has been around a while but obviously hasn’t been given first priority among Hock’s 30 or so sites. The blog looks good with pictures and graphs but I noticed that there were often long stretches of several weeks between posts and that is a shame. If he could post more often and give some more analysis of how he makes money on his other sites I think the readership would pick up quickly.

Hock also owns  This is another blog about Internet marketing and this one has a lot more action. He posts much more regularly and has more of a selection of topics on this second blog. It seems though, that since both of these blogs are essentially about making money online, that it would almost be better to pick one of the blogs and concentrate on it rather than spreading things out between two different blogs.

I think most people want to get work from home jobs and read “money making blogs” in hopes of finding secrets and to learn how to make money themselves. Hock obviously knows how to make money but it would be great if he did more explaining how he does it. That’s what I want to know and I’m sure others would as well!

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    good honest review.

    Chester on December 13th, 2007
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    The review is great, but just because a person has this and that ad doesn’t mean that they are converting to sales and clicking on google ads. Lots of traffic means nothing if it’s not pulling from the correct market.

    David on December 13th, 2007
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    Thanks for the honest review. I like getting feedback so that I can improve my sites. I would probably blog more often if I get more feedback from people leaving good comments on the blog. 🙂

    Hock on December 16th, 2007