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Cubicle Hell or Office Heaven?

In my experience there are three kinds of office setups.

Most companies I have gone to  have cubicles all over the place. Maybe not quite as drastic as the picture below, but similar. The normal worker bee gets a smallish size cubicle to spend his/her days in. Many put pictures of their kids and family up and other assorted junky stuff to remind them of home. The manager type person will get a larger cubicle which often has the added bonus of some sort of a round table in it with a couple of chairs. That table is great for impromptu meetings and chewing out the worker bees!

 Is this cubicle hell or what?

The second type of office set up has no cubicles but a lot of desks throughout a large room. Everyone can see one another and often hear them too. While you are not confined to a small cubicle space, you have no privacy.

The most rare office set up is where everyone has an office. I live right in the heart of Microsoft territory and virtually all my neighbors work for Microsoft. They tell me that there are no cubicles in any of the buildings. There are now dozens of buildings on the Microsoft “campus” and they are all set up so that everyone will have their own office. In recent years, however, with more and more employees and the lack of space, I am told many people have to double up in an office.

A work situation where everyone has their own office has to be rare. Space is always at a premium and I would think only certain companies can afford that kind of space for every employee. What kind of space do you have at work?

  • 1

    I have my own office (in my home). 😛

    I still work for “the man”, but I’ve worked from home for the last 4 years.

    Donovan on January 9th, 2008
  • 2

    I work in a place between cubicle hell and open office…with a taste of the microsoft idea.

    sir jorge on January 9th, 2008
  • 3

    I can’t imagine every being in a cubicle. Shoot me now! I like the open idea much better!

    Tummy Tuck Surgery on January 9th, 2008
  • 4

    Work from home so no longer have to watch or smell my co-workers…

    Hooper on January 10th, 2008
  • 5

    I don’t have a permanent office. I’m always out doing research and doing interviews. I’ve been bringing my laptop at Starbucks lately to make my blog. That’s the closest I can get to having an office.

    Tips For Bloggers on January 10th, 2008
  • 6

    The 2nd picture looks like my work place except it’s much bigger than that. I don’t worry too much about the lack of privacy actually and I surf on any site I want (like this one). Actually a cubicle would be worse I think because of the small space. Here I can breathe 🙂

    soundtrackgeek on January 10th, 2008
  • 7

    I used to work in a cubicle environment similar to your first example. Now, I work at home in an office of about 12’x15′ that I share with my husband…I prefer the cubicle.

    Michelle on January 11th, 2008
  • 8

    LOL…good one Michelle

    DayJobNuker on January 11th, 2008
  • 9

    I’t is interesting that a most votes are with answer “I work at home”. Does that mean that us, “blog fans”, most work at home, on our computer maybe??

    ilay on January 11th, 2008
  • 10

    I haven’t really worked in an office environment, considered it too claustrophobic. Love going to the local cafe or park to do my work.

    Nick - road2blogging on January 11th, 2008
  • 11

    I’m just job hunting at the moment 🙂

    Planet Apex on January 11th, 2008
  • 12

    I don’t know why everyone hates on cubicles, I find them quite cozy.

    Mario on January 13th, 2008
  • 13

    Regardless of how my office is set up, it’s still HELL thanks to the people I work with. Ugh.

    Mr. Disgruntled on January 13th, 2008
  • 14

    I used to work in cubicle city…I couldn’t stand it. To make matter worse, the building didn’t even have any widows. At least now, I have a window.

    Abdominoplasty New Jersey on June 22nd, 2008
  • 15

    Personally, I can’t stand cubicles because everyone can hear everything you do and say. Of course, with most companies trying to reduce expenses, it is most likely that cubicles will continue to proliferate.

    Liposuction Dallas on July 27th, 2008