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Be Careful Of The A-List Bloggers

The A-list bloggers. Who are they and why do you read what they have to say? If you don’t know better, you might get sucked into their sales pitches and wind up losing money when you thought you would be making it. Or, you might just waste a lot of time chasing a dream they promise only to find it unattainable for you.

Many of these A-list bloggers are always trying to tell you how much they are making blogging and how you can too if you just follow them. They are good, there is no doubt about it. They know how to write impressive copy, are very persuasive, and make great looking professional blogs.

However many of them make their money by suggesting you do this, then that, buy this ebook followed by that program, sign up for this and then that through their links. Do all that and you can make money like they do (or say they do). That’s what they preach.

After you do all these things you too will be able to go to Vegas and all the conventions and hobnob with them at dinner and get your picture taken and life will be GREATIt’s all very convincing to a newbie who just popped online because he wanted to make a buck or two.

I want to make it clear that they make their money from YOU THE NEWBIE, by selling you ebooks, affiliate products they say will make you money, and mentoring programs they say will show you how to make money online.  

The reality is far different than the dream. If you are a make money online wannabe newbie, read the following very carefully. Then when you feel the urge to pull out your credit card or PayPal account, consider stopping and remember that you can probably find what you are looking for online for free. I have copied and pasted this comment from one of the posts at Blogger Unleashed. It is typical, I believe, of what can happen to a newbie before they catch on and realize they are not being told the whole truth.

As a person who was following (name removed) because she seemed to be laying it all out for the world to view, I probably would have given consideration to her new book.

I have lost way more money and time than I could afford listening to people like this.  I had to go back to work just to get out of debt from buying into all the crap that is online. When I started out to make money online I had just lost a job but was personally debt free at age 57. I was looking to make money to stay debt free and support myself and husband. Now I am in worse shape than when I started.”

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    wow, that’s insane, and true, the A-Listers are making money on gullible newbies

    sir jorge on January 14th, 2008
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    Vic has a really good blog. But people change as they become A-List. Will Vic one day be the same?

    MarketingDeviant on January 14th, 2008
  • 3

    Folks I will never change I am not looking to be an A-lister I hope to one day shut down Blogger Unleashed and just leave the post up so new people do not fall prey. Bruce Geez awesome post and Amen.

    Vic on January 14th, 2008
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    Vic will not change. No way! He is the real deal who is giving up his valuable time to give money-making advice for all who will listen.

    Joanne on January 15th, 2008
  • 5

    Vic is already A-list! lol

    PokerStars Marketing Code on January 15th, 2008
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    Rock stars will always attract groupies.

    Folks, start using your brains and don’t just follow the crowd. But ponder for a moment… the A-listers have paid their dues and worked hard to become A-listers. It didn’t just happen overnight.

    The key is to study what made them successful.

    Hock on January 15th, 2008
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    There are definitely way too many mindless drones out there who don’t want to think about anything they are doing and let the A listers completely brain wash them in their quest to make some fast money on the internet.

    Mr. Disgruntled on January 15th, 2008
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    Hey buddy!

    Just wanted to stop in and say hi…I’m back on the blogging scene, and I’d love for you to head over and check it out.

    I totally agree with your post, it’s a shame that so, so many noobs fall prey to A-List bloggers that love taking people’s money. I would like to add that not all A-Listers are like that…but a good portion definitely are. It’s a vicious cycle that will continue to take place though.

    Ryan (former Ryan Shamus) on January 15th, 2008
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    Hmm… Good post. I agree with U.

    credit card processing rates on January 15th, 2008
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    You just need to read the “a-list” blogs from their start. There you can find the most interesting and valuable posts.

    Just like John Chow’s blog, really interesting at the begin, really boring nowadays! Hope that you will never become an a-list blogger 😉

    Dublin Hotel on January 15th, 2008
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    At some point, there needs to be personal accountability.

    If you think you can get rich quick then you’ll probably lose money quick too.

    Please, please, don’t overextend yourself and lose what you cannot afford.

    mariam on January 15th, 2008
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    Great point from that post, and Vic is already an A+++++ lister for his brutal honesty and willingness to help others!

    Cheap Car Insurance on January 15th, 2008
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    I would like to appreciate your effort in bringing out the truths. Really this is a great message to be noticed by every bloggers.


    find money online on January 16th, 2008
  • 14

    That’s right, Vic is already A-List!

    Tim E. on January 16th, 2008
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    Amen to that. I still remember when I was starting out and being bombarded by all these seemingly great products that were going to make me rich overnight. Ha!

    Lucky for me I found the whydowork forum that wised me up to all the needless ebooks before I put my hand in my pocket! Shame Vic wasn’t around back then or I would have learned a who lot of stuff the right way instead of the “old” way!!

    Terry Didcott on January 19th, 2008
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    When I first started to know about Internet Marketing, I was trying to gain as much knowledge as I wanted to. I ended up buying products after products. Every time, I read a sound-good pitch page and saw a seem-like good product, I would just take out my card and type in the number. Most of the products I bought, I didn’t really spend time on using it. Now, I stop buying and instead I look for free products or a way to get a paid product for free. LOL 🙂

    Larry from theoneguy of mybloglog

    Create Your Pot of Wealth on January 20th, 2008
  • 17

    I think you’re right. Newbies need to spend some serious time researching which sites put up smoke screens to deceive and which are actually for real. We tend to want to make money the easy way, but the reality is that it pretty difficult, even online. That’s not to try to dissuade anybody who tries, but it’s just a reality in my opinion.

    Nathan on January 21st, 2008
  • 18

    I know what you mean. I’m not 100% newbie because I’ve been into web design for years, but I’ve recently got more into the SEO/Internet Marketing/Making Money aspects.

    I see this trend of bloggers self promoting. Some of them are smart and very gradual about it. They build that trust, but exploit it eventually. Its smart. And it works. I’m not going to hate on them. It gets them paid. Something we’re all trying to do.

    I see ebooks and paid stuff as being nothing but fluff like late night info commercials. I’ll never pay for this information. There are too many resources on the net to learn from. Give me Google, and a couple of hours, and you can find most of the crap in some of these ebooks.

    Samsung Cameras on January 22nd, 2008
  • 19

    Well its true a lot of the newbies spend a lot of capital to get their blogs a lot of traffic. They have contests which many small bloggers cannot afford. They pay for reviews on the bigger blogs. And they buy all these books. The chances someone can make blogging a full time job is very difficult. Besides we do blogging to get our minds of work anyway.

    JACL on January 26th, 2008
  • 20

    The problem is most people making real money won’t tell you how. If someone is offering to sell you a secret to make a ton of money, it’s either not a secret or it won’t make lots of money. Otherwise, they’d keep it to themselves.

    Newspapers And Handling Stories on February 1st, 2008