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Apple MacBook Pro vs HP PC: The Decision Was Easy

8/18/2010 Update: This was written over 2 1/2 years ago and last month my HP PC died. The graphics card went berserk and I had all sorts of problems ending with being attacked by a virus that I couldn’t get rid of. I did some research and found out the HP graphics card problem was a big one and HP extended the warranty 2 years and you had to mail your PC in to get it fixed. I wasn’t going to do that and the virus thing was the nail in the coffin.

Bottom line: I BOUGHT A MACBOOK PRO and I love it. Yes, it is more expensive but my PC pissed me off for the last time! I now love the Macs because they turn off and on so fast and you don’t waste half of your life waiting for them to do something. My MacBook Pro took a couple of days to get used to but if you are at all familiar with computers and PC’s, you CAN make the change and learn quickly. I will never buy a PC again as I am officially a Mac guy now.

The MacBooks never seem to go on sale so there is only one place that I know where you can get them a little bit cheaper and it is here at MacMall – MacBook Pro

This was written on 1/27/2008 so it is OLD —->I’ve been spending the last two days transfering all my files and setting up my new laptop PC that I just bought. I got the HP Pavilion dv9740us Notebook PC and in the end the decision to buy a PC over a MacBook Pro was easy.

I love new and cool technology and I really wanted to buy a Mac but the price was just not competitive on any level. I have heard and read so much about how great the Mac’s are and their new operating system Leopard seems to be very well liked. I love the Mac vs. PC commercials and the Mac’s just seem to be cooler. I so badly wanted to try something new and cool!

Ahhh. A brand new laptop fresh in the box (feet sold seperately)

I needed to get a 17 inch screen as I do a lot of work with Excel and Access for my job and having the wider screen will be great. So, I was looking to buy the MacBook Pro 17″ or a PC with a 17″ screen. The price difference between the two was HUGE!

MacBook Pro 17″ comes with:
2 GB of Ram
One 160 GB hard drive
$2799.00 price tag

The HP Pavilion dv9740us Notebook PC comes with:
3 GB of Ram
Two 160 GB hard drives
$1199.00 price tag (after $50.00 mail in rebate)

My new laptop PC!

The MacBooks never seem to go on sale and so how could I possibly justify paying more than double for something that got less Ram and storage? I couldn’t and that is why I got the PC. It also comes with 4 USP ports, is BlueRay DVD compatible, and can be hooked up to your cable TV and used as a TV (it even has a remote for that).

I don’t like the fact that it no longer comes with the operating system backup discs and it says you need to burn them yourself. I guess this is the new trend. It also has a pretty slim instruction manual as they want you to go online now for everything it seems. I love the fact that it has 2 hard drives so I can put Microsoft XP on one of the hard drives if I end up disliking Vista. Without the two hard drives you would have to partition your one hard drive in order to install the second operating system. That is something I hope I never have to attempt.

So, that is what I have been and will be doing for a while. Getting a new laptop is fun but getting it all set up and everything transferred is quite boring. It’s amazing how old and clunky my 4+ year old Dell seems after getting the new laptop. Now I have to make some money with it!

Old Dell Inspiron on the left, new HP on the right

  • 1

    I love it when I open the box and see a brand new PC.
    Unfortunately that’s not that much:)

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    Good luck with nuking your day job:)

    Step by Step Money Making Strategies and Guides. on January 27th, 2008
  • 2

    Good choice if you’re basing it on its specs. I would have personally bought the MacBook Pro though. I’m a die hard Apple fan. 🙂

    Sly from on January 27th, 2008
  • 3

    While I was in Iraq last year, my wife emailed me one day telling me the the kids were on the computer too much, so she wanted to get herself a laptop. I said sure, imagining that she’d be scooting down to Costco and picking up a $700 machine that she could use for email. LOL, I didn’t know my wife very well. She emails me back two days later to say that she spent 2 grand, and we were now the proud owners of a “pretty” MacBook Pro … which I’m typing on right now, BTW. I’m still not sure I would have spent the extra money had I been home, but I do have to say that since I’ve had the chance to use the Mac, I’m really becoming a convert. Can’t really put my finger on it … but there’s just something I like about this little silver machine. 🙂


    Todd Morris on January 27th, 2008
  • 4

    This almost identical to the one I bought last week. The only difference is mine has only one 250g hard drive. other than that, looks identical. I faced the exact dilemma about the Mac Book Pro.

    Anthony on January 27th, 2008
  • 5

    I’d love to get a $50 laptop. The one I have is a Pentium 133! It’s slow, but does what I need it to…slowly.

    Wess Stewart on January 28th, 2008
  • 6

    It makes me laugh to see others face the same Mac vs. PC dilemma. I would love to own a Mac. I’ve played around a bit with a MacBook Pro (a friend’s) and love the new Leopard operating system. But alas, it does come back to price. So, I have a Toshiba notebook and an old desktop that I’ve been upgrading for three years.

    Maybe someday Mac will realize that being the premier computer system does not mean needing to charge twice as much.

    Coryan on January 28th, 2008
  • 7

    Yes, I probably would have tried the Mac for the first time if the price were anywhere in the same ballpark. I just couldn’t justify paying more than double to get less.

    DayJobNuker on January 28th, 2008
  • 8

    I know the Mac has its features, but when it comes down to using the computer, it’s still the basics for me – no need to put down so much money for what something cheaper can do just as well. 🙂

    Btw, Bruce, your old ‘top really looks to be falling apart. Bangin’ on it too much for cash? 😉

    yc on January 28th, 2008
  • 9

    I love Macs but it sure is hard to justify the price unless you’re doing professional multimedia editing (photos, video, audio, animation, etc.)

    Sucker on January 28th, 2008
  • 10

    Congrats on the purchase. I just bought a Mac myself (last week actually). I wrote about my experience and posted pictures of the entire “unboxing” process on my blog.

    Chris Jacobson on January 28th, 2008
  • 11

    I have daily and weekly deals on all these laptops. Hope you didn’t miss a better price!
    Would have bought the Hp too!:D

    Best Coupons Online on January 29th, 2008
  • 12

    Congrats on the computer. I am a proud Mac user but I used PC’s for years before going to Mac. There is nothing like a new computer regardless of brand. on January 29th, 2008
  • 13

    Don’t forget that with the Mac you would have been getting a faster processor. So you are not exactly comparing Apples to Apples. (No pun intended)

    You also unfortunately have to run Vista out of the box with your PC. You also stated that you may want to install XP on your laptop.

    I am biased towards the Mac but I do honestly prefer to buy a computer that just works out of the box without having to potentially downgrade the operating system.

    Oh and Apple ships a DVD with all your system software on it as a backup. No need to burn it yourself.

    Scott on January 29th, 2008
  • 14

    No problems so far with Vista. Scott, after tax (state of Washington) the Mac would have cost me almost $3,000! I got the HP for about $1,350.

    The DVD burning of the backup discs was annoying and took almost 4 hours plus having to go buy the discs. But hey, that’s better than spending another $1,500.00

    Maybe next time I will get the Mac if they bring the price closer to the PC. There is always a next time.

    DayJobNuker on January 29th, 2008
  • 15

    Good Decision. Saving $1500 by passing on the MAC means your well on your way to making money with the new laptop. I also passed on buying a Mac for the same reason. Its just hard to justify the extra money for a piece of hardware that has basically the same functionallity.

    Fly Fishing For Beginners on January 30th, 2008
  • 16

    You did the right thing. This particular HP model is about to go on sale at Costco for even less tha you paid for it, and at almost ONE-THIRD what a MacPro would cost, plus when you buy it at Costco you get a two year warranty with it (Apple charges $349 for a Pro 3 year warranty as an *extra* charge).

    While the processor might be *slightly* slower on the HP (emphasize slightly), this HP has a 512 meg dedicated video card which the Mac does not have – heck, most DESKTOPS don’t even have that, even Apple’s Pro desktops unless you pay $$ for it.

    I use both types of machines. Sure, the Mac operating system is better (less glitchy) than Vista currently is, but overall you’re really paying a high price for the Apple brand name.

    atlantaguy on February 4th, 2008
  • 17

    Good luck with it. I purchased a DV6000 about a year ago. It’s been great, but my model was notorious for having wireless internet connectivity issues. I had to send it in for repair, and it works better now. Hopefully all is well with yours. Good luck and cheers!

    Last longer on February 5th, 2008
  • 18

    OK, is that a CALCULATOR on the floor, there, just to the right of your desk?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?





    Steve on February 5th, 2008
  • 19

    Good luck with the HP, i hope it’s not the unrelible pile of excrement my pavillion turned out to be.
    Back for service twice within a year, failed screen twice (common according to the techs) so SSSLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW I could take a nap and it’d still be thinking about what it wants to do! In all fairness though it’s aincient (about 2.5 years old) so I’m off to buy the macbook Pro, cheers !

    GDUB on June 5th, 2008
  • 20

    The reason I got a MacBook Pro over another PC was not the hardware issue, it was the software issue. I’ve just had the best luck with the Mac OS for day-to-day processing that I haven’t had with Windows. I also bought refurbished with saved a good amount of money and helped narrow the gap between a cheaper PC and a MacBook.

    Devin on June 7th, 2008
  • 21

    I am in need of a new computer today. I would like to know if the mac is safer as far as virus and hacker problems. I have a PC now with Windows XP that crashes 2 or 3 times a day.

    Bev on September 12th, 2008
  • 22

    Bought a gateway back in May, I had a hard time with my internet connection but after many reloads and much persistence I got it to work. DVD drive sounded like it was going to crash, made a lot of noise. I eventually sent it back and bought the macbook pro. I love it. It starts up quickly and shuts down right now. Everything just seems to work flawlessly. I have nine PC’s in my office and none of them operate the same. I just hate the box ( Program not responding.) Have not seen one on the mac as of yet. As they say it just works.

    Ike on September 28th, 2008
  • 23

    Congrats on the new PC! You can always install OSX on it now that it supports Intel processors, and just run a dual boot machine, just like I’m going to be using Apples BootCamp to install Windows Vista on my MacBook Pro.

    Price is always a concern, but I was able to get the top of the line MacBook Pro, for $1,600 rather than $2,799, so my choice was very simple. Had I had to pay $2,799, I would probably be typing this on a PC right now.

    Brady - Mac Got Me on October 17th, 2008
  • 24

    the hp is kewl and stuff, but i 2 would prefer the apple no matter wat. apple rocks!!!

    tete on November 22nd, 2008
  • 25

    I like the car analogy. A car from any of the big three is fine, all the right specs and a good price. But some people are willing to pony up for the all around better experience. If you have driven bmw you know what I mean. Damn near every aspect of the apple is better, which is why we are having this discussion.
    If you work on a computer, then this is your primary tool. You look at this thing all day, every day. While the mac may be more expensive, is it really that big an expense compared to your income?
    As the car salesman says, step up to the pump.

    davemo on January 5th, 2009
  • 26

    you are stupid guy!!!!!!
    macbook some hp….you are stupid guy

    max gamer on January 29th, 2009
  • 27

    I love my HP laptop. Has been running fine since the day I bought it.

    Joe Russell on June 22nd, 2009
  • 28

    I have had an hp laptop for four years. Heavey use. Never had a problem with it.

    paul isaacs on June 28th, 2009
  • 29

    I have a very similar laptop, and I wished I bought the MacBook Pro because HP dv9035dt hinge is broken. I could have bought a mac and it would still be working, because the mac is made out of metal and glass instead of cheap ass plastic. However if your not traveling the world with your laptop it will work very well for you.

    Now I have to go out and buy the MacBook Pro.

    XYZ on August 13th, 2009
  • 30

    IU have to aggree with the others about the price thing… i payed $679 for a gateway that i would have payed at least $1800 to get with mac other than the processor… 4 GB of RAM and 320 gb hard drive. with mac did you know another 4 gigs of RAM costs a whopping $1000. anyway.. like the PC commercial said… you pay for the software and the name… i do have to wonder about the stamina of macs, id be afraid of a 3 pound paper thin laptop. otherwise PCs havent impressed me with stamina. Apple dropped theyre iPhone prices substantially but wont let up on those macs… just wait it out!

    kiersten on September 2nd, 2009
  • 31

    I just bought a MacBook Pro tonight. I have always been a PC guy, but after owning an iPhone, I had to admit that Apple is IT. I have a 3 year old HP laptop that has been about what I would expect for the 1k that I paid for it. I am hard on the computer, hate windows and office, so I saved up and spent the extra money on the Mac. For someone who’s entire business is on his laptop, it was critical that I have the most dependable laptop available, the Mac. Also, I have spend hours on spread sheets on the PC creating less than perfect documents. Went into the Apple store and created much better spread sheets in a third of the time on numbers. Spend the money on the Mac. It will last longer and you will get more done.

    steve on December 2nd, 2009
  • 32

    an HP laptop has low cost compared to mac ,but i had a suggestion that for rough use mac is useful.

  • 33

    Apple MacBook? I wish to get an Apple Macbook, but I don’t know much about it. My dad told me that it’s like, a whole word organisation to relearm and so on. what are the pros and cons regarding getting an apple macbook? or any apple laptops

    tureto on March 14th, 2010
  • 34


    karlaa on March 23rd, 2010
  • 35

    I love my HP Pavillion laptop. I do experience a great deal of heat however. It is especially bad when I am playing a game or doing any work that is graphics intensive.

    I recently switched from MAC to PC, and while the switch was a pain, it was work it in the long run.

    Long Island Computer Guy on June 1st, 2010
  • 36

    i own a mac and it is the best decision of my entire life. and im not rich. but u r definentally getting what u pay for

    proud mac owner on August 25th, 2010
  • 37

    I purchased a Dell – it was a dud! I was fully intending to purchase a MacBook Pro to replace the Dell, and the computer guys steered me towards an HP – it too is a dud! So, in 3 years, I have purchased PCs and am having to purchase YET ANOTHER laptop. This time, I’m going MacBook Pro, and no one will convince me otherwise.

    I should have gone with my gut, and not listened to the computer guys who “advised” me that I would not be happy with a mac. Ugh!

    Claudia on January 15th, 2011