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Do You Need Free Headers For Your Niche Blogs?

I use CoolText for my headers for my niche blogs. They are free and very easy to use. Here is an example of what you can do:

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    Nice tip thanks. Bookmarked.

    Emma on February 2nd, 2008
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    Nice one dude. these will come in handy.

    Mike on February 3rd, 2008
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    Great site. I have been looking for a graphics site to use for my new website. Bookmarked it! Thanks,

    Jackie Lee 🙂

    Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth on February 3rd, 2008
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    Cool … I will bookmark this and use it in the future. Good find.

    Disgruntled Workforce on February 3rd, 2008
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    I used to use way back in the day (7+ years ago), but completely forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Chris Jacobson on February 4th, 2008
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    Hmm… they look cheesy.

    Hock on February 5th, 2008
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    Well I am sure you can do better with them if you put in a little time. I did those five in less than a minute for each one.

    DayJobNuker on February 5th, 2008
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    awesome site and ideas. definitely bookmarked

    Mattresses on February 5th, 2008
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    Awesome. Thank you!

    John on February 8th, 2008