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Money = Happiness

The older you are the higher the chance you know that statement is false. Also, the more money you have will also increase the chance that you know it to be false. Money and fame in itself will not bring happiness and all you have to do to see that, is to look at all the miserable and out of control movie stars. They seemingly have everything and yet look how many of them get divorced, are alcaholics, drug addicts, and potential suicide victims. Money and fame surely does not seem to be working for many of them.

Money = Options

Having money does not bring happiness but it can certainly contribute to it. Money gives you options and the more options you have will usually make you more happy. Money also gives you freedom and most of us want to be free. I think it is documented that people are happier in a free country than in one that under strict government rule. That is why there is such a deep divide in the United States right now between those that want to be free and those that want the government to play a bigger role in our lives.

If you are poor and have very little, it may seem like money equals happiness. The whole concept of the state’s lotteries are predicated on the notion that your life will be spectacularly wonderful if you win the lottery. But have you noticed who plays the lotteries week after week? It is those who probably shouldn’t be throwing their money away in the first place. It is the poor and the working class who are dreaming of how happy their life would be if only they could win. The lotteries are really a tax on the poor and on those who can’t afford it.

Why Are You Looking For Money?

We are all looking for ways to make money online. Some of us think we are looking for it to become happy and others are looking for it so that they can have more options. I am one that wants it so that I can have more options. I want to be free of the office job and being able to make money online and work at home will give me more options. It will allow me the ability I desire to be able to go where I want when I want. It will allow me to work from home early in the morning or late at night, whichever one suits me at the moment. It will allow me to live my life on my terms and that will contribute to my happiness. It won’t give me happiness, but it will give me a push in that direction.

I wonder what people really want from the computer now days? There are so many people who seem to be looking for ways to make money without a job and yet I wonder what they are really hoping to find? Are they looking for ways to just make some extra spending cash or are they really looking to find a way to make significant money without working? When a Mom goes online and searches for “work at home jobs”, is she a mother who is hoping to make an extra dollar to supplement the families income or is she looking for work from home jobs where she can really make a full-time income while taking care of her children? What are all these people really hoping to find through the magic of their computer? Are they really just looking for happiness?

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    Great stuff.
    I just found your blog and love it.
    Look forward to reading more.

    paul on May 13th, 2008
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    I am pursuing making money online to give me more options. I work over 60 hours a week in my current job. I would really love to be in control of my time and making money online would help me with this. Don’t get me wrong, I would still be a workaholic, but I would be able to do what I want to do.

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    When I started looking on the Internet, it was to supplement my income and help pay for expenses my daughter was experiencing in a bad divorce.

    That has since changed. Custom programming has gone overseas, leaving my income woefully inadequate. That’s when I started really turning up the volume on Internet and Network marketing.

    I now build tools to help other online marketers succeed. I still network market (one of the greatest business models of all time in my book), but now I also do affiliate marketing and Info-product marketing with the odd Internet Marketing project throw in for good measure.

    I read and enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work.


    Cenay Nailor on May 14th, 2008
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    Thanks Cenay.

    DayJobNuker on May 14th, 2008
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    This post really made me think. I’m a pretty old person and realize the truth in the opening paragraphs. You also need money to survive, so if your quality of life is low, you might feel like shi*, therefore money in that instance would be so wonderful and great!

    Money Online on May 16th, 2008
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    Money does not equal happiness, but it does grease it along quite nicely. Things run on money, so my goal is to create sources (note the plural) of money that don’t take much investment of time. It’s the song Robert Allen sings in “Multiple Streams of Income.”

    Terry on May 18th, 2008
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    This blog came right at the right time for me. My sister is trying to find a work at home job. But she just wants the money, not the job itself, and she has little computer experience. I think I’ll share this with her. Thanks!

    Monavie on May 20th, 2008