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Write Targeted Keyword Content for Hundreds of BANS Stores

Many of you have discovered BANS and are building new stores like mad men (and mad women). But just building stores does not mean that you will get anyone to come to them. You need to have content on each page that targets different keywords and tells the search engines what is on the pages. That is the only way you are going to seperate yourself from the thousands of other stores. Good content that targets keywords and incoming links: those are the things you need to succeed with BANS. 

To the rescue is a program called Niche Store Writer. This software is a BIG time saver for those of you who have or want to put up many Bans stores. Putting content at the beginning and end of each page that targets different keywords is what will ultimately seperate your stores from the rest and that is what take so much time. Niche Store Writer was created to help you put that content up fast and cut hundreds of hours off your time while you do it. If you are going to be making dozens of BANS stores, you need to check out Niche Store Writer. There is a video on the sales page which will help you understand how it works.


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    Thanks for the Great software , Work like a Charm !!!

    Avocat on May 20th, 2008
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    Neat to see something like this. I can’t say anything about the software, but I can say this – building a BANS store but not adding unique content and doing link building, etc. sure is a great way to waste money!

    Sucker on May 29th, 2008