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If you are having trouble making sales with Clickbank, you might want to switch gears and try some cost per action affiliates. One of the great things about cost per action affiliate offers is that they can’t be refunded. With Clickbank all your sales can be reversed up to 8 weeks later and some people buy with the full intention of getting that refund. With CPA offers, there are NO REFUNDS! Once you see the money in your account, you know you will be paid. Also, it has always been hard for me to make sales with Clickbank products for several reasons:

1) So many of them are just plain (excuse me) crap. There are a few legitimate products on Clickbank but the vast majority is garbage.

2) So many of them are geared towards affiliate marketers who have accounts with Clickbank. Most of those people just buy the products through their own links and get the commissions themselves. I know I do.

Clickbank is good in that they do pay promptly and that is great when you are just starting out. Clickbank was the first affiliate network I ever got a check from but my success with them has been limited and diminishing rapidly.

I did my NeverBlueAds review about 8 months ago and just in the last two months have I really started promoting their products. These are mostly “cost per action” (CPA) offers where you make anywhere from 50 cents or so to 5 or 6 dollars for the reader to perform an “action”. That action can be as little as submitting a zip code or email address to filling out an address form. I had never tried any of these CPA offers because it is mentally hard to make the switch from getting $20 to $100 per sale (as with many products on Clickbank or Commission Junction) to just a dollar or two. It will take forever for a dollar or two to add up, right?

This is what I found out: nothing is ever easy but it really is much easier to get someone to give you an address or email than it is to get them to make an outright purchase. The more targeted eyeballs you can get looking at these CPA offers the more money you will make. It’s really that simple. You do have to play around with which ones convert and which ones are best for your niche topic but for me it has worked out better than waiting around for that one person to pull the trigger and buy my Clickbank product. When you have a lot of CPA ads or links on your site(s), it is much harder to get shut out day to day.

I love NeverBlueAds now and think they are one of the best affiliate programs because they have a large number of CPA offers and they pay VERY promptly. Looking for more CPA offers I have also signed up for Market Leverage which you will now find being advertised on just about every Internet marketing blog. Much like NeverBlueAds, you don’t get approved right away and have to wait for a real manager type to call you back and ask you a bunch of questions. They are typical questions such as: are you a full or part time marketer? How long have you been doing it? What is an example of a website you own?

I was approved because of this site and I can’t really say how hard it is to be accepted. If you have a decent looking site you will probably make it. The nice thing about Market Leverage is that they have a TON more CPA offers to choose from as well as a fair amount of offers where you need to make a full sale to get paid the commissions.

I have been looking through all 430 of their offers and see ones that I can use with some of my niche sites. I am just looking to make a buck or two a day with those sites so these CPA offers might work well. At this point, I am starting to switch my focus to promoting mostly CPA offers instead of the higher paying offers where a person has to buy something in order for me to get paid.

If you haven’t tried any cost per action affiliates offers on your site(s), they are worth giving a try. You might find, as I have, that you can have a fair amount of success with them even though they only pay a dollar or two at a time. I think between the two networks NeverBlueAds and Market Leverage, there are more than enough CPA offers to get you started and it is clear that they are two of the best affiliate programs. I also believe you will be very happy with the great customer service you get from both networks if you need it. They have real live people who will respond to your inquires in a very timely manner and help you figure out what campaigns may work best for you.

8/31/08 update – my first check from Market Leverage was sent to me via Fed Ex at no extra charge! I can confidently now say that both NeverBlueAds and Market Leverage pay FAST!

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    Welcome to MarketLeverage! We are glad to have you as a Publisher with us. If you need anything or have any questions please reach out to me and I would be happy to help.

    AIM: mktlvgdeborah

    Debby Phillips on July 7th, 2008
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    I’m in your situation, I’ve been using ClickBank but I haven’t really gotten the results I’m searching for.

    Diet Pills on July 9th, 2008
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    I said goodbye to clickbank not to long ago. I didn’t find it worth my time anymore.

    California Fast Food Insurance on July 10th, 2008