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If you are looking for ways to make money on the Internet, where do you turn to learn how? 

Do you buy an overpriced ebook that some smuck is selling for $49.95? There are tons of them out there and they all promise to “unlock the secret” of how to make money. Please don’t buy those.

Do you read all the ways to make money A-List blogs that tell you how they make money online by telling people how much money they make online? Many people waste months of their lives reading these blogs before they figure out they are mostly a waste of time. Save your time!

Or do you buy some StumbleUpon course for $47.00 that is supposed to get you a “rush” of traffic? Don’t buy something like that either because that traffic, if you get any, won’t be targeted and won’t make you a dime.

Don’t expect to make money from social media sites like StumbleUpon

If you would like to get started the right way and want to learn for free how to make money on the Internet, these are some of the blogs I would read or look at to figure out how. You can’t go wrong with this weath of free online money making advice:

1) First off is Grizzly’s purposely ugly blog Make Money For Beginners that has more free information about how Google works and how he makes money than 10 of those $49.95 ebooks put together. He has just started another blog Make Money Online which does not have many posts right now but will undoubtedly be another great free resourse in the future.

2) Terry Didcott over at The Honest Way has a blog on how to Make Money. His motto is to do everything slowly and above board so you can’t go wrong following what he is doing. No short cuts for Terry as he builds his money making online empire.

3) Elliot has a Niche Marketing blog called Blog Explosion. This is another place a beginner can get some trusted information on how to make money on the Internet.

4) Frank at OpTempo has a great blog that he has turned around into a money maker. If you are looking for a great example of a general interest / review blog that looks great and makes money, you need to take a look at OpTempo. He also has some excellent software that he sells for a reasonable price. This blog shows that you don’t have to write about making money to make money.

5) Here is the link to my review of Blogger Unleashed. I must warn you that as I said in the review, there is some rough language on that blog and in the videos but the information is priceless.

6) Finally, there are all my posts about ways to make money online. There are a few good posts in that bunch which might get you started making money on the Internet.

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    Good post.
    Most of the good guys covered and linked and no links for the bad guys (and girls…), just intelligently scathing comments for them.
    Nice one!

    zania on July 18th, 2008
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    Great article! I think we are all wanting to find good ways to make money online.

    Louisiana Homes on July 21st, 2008