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With the downturn in the economy and the high gas prices, many families are looking for saving money advice. Spending money wisely and trying to save is always a good thing but most people overlook one of the best ways to save money.  Simply making more money is the same as saving it!

Learning how to make more money is infinitely better than just saving it because it is something you can continue to do even after the bad times are over. Rather than trying to find easy ways to save money online, I suggest trying to find ways to make money online. If you’re gasoline bill is $100.00 more per month than it was 3 months ago, you would be in no worse shape if you learned how to make $100.00 more per month.

I Started With Ebay

Making money online is not easy but nothing in worthwhile in life is easy. If you never attempt it then you will never know if you can succeed. I started out with Ebay online selling. I still know people who are aware of what Ebay is but are reluctant to try to start selling. If you are trying to think of ways to save money, why not start by cleaning out your closets, selling some of it on Ebay, and start making money. Things that sell well on Ebay are lots (groups) of childrens clothes, music cd’s, and movie DVD’s. These are things that most everyone has lying around. How many DVD movies do you have that you are never really going to watch again? Gather them all up and put them up on Ebay and you will have “saved” enough to buy that extra tank of gas.

I Played Some Online Poker

After I got tired of Ebay I switched into playing Internet poker and through that was exposed to incentivized freebie websites. I made some good money playing poker and made even more bonuses with the freebie websites. Unfortunately I had to stop playing the poker when the State of Washington stepped in and made online poker a felony. I may start up again some day but not until that law is changed.

I Started DayJobNuker.COM

After poker I started this website with the intent on documenting my journey of going from a 9 to 5 type to being self employed. It has not been easy and I may never reach my goal but I am making money. If I were trying to think of ways to save money online I would be very happy if I could “save’ as much as I am making now. For instance, I have been pushing CashCrate because that is bringing in between $200.00 and $300.00 per month. (You can read my Cash Crate review here)  Absolutely anybody over 13 years old can get started making money with Cash Crate and I have several posts on this blog about how to make CashCrate referrals which will make you the most money. Starting with CashCrate is a great way to save money online by making money! Another post on this blog that can get you started making extra money is how to make money selling used golf balls. That is something someone might try who lives near a golf course. I also have a post about selling Ping two color golf balls on Ebay.

In the end, this is about putting the idea in your head to be proactive and start finding ways to make money instead of finding the best way to save money online. Finding how to make more money is a lot more fun and productive than always trying to cut back and save. If you can learn how to make more money, that skill can benefit you the rest of your life and give you the ability to have more things. Learning how to save only allows you to have fewer things. If you make more money it will allow you to pay off those bills and it will serve the same purpose as saving to pay off those bills. After the bills are paid off and the good times return, however, you will have learned how to make that extra income that will bring a little extra joy into your life.

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    Excellent tips to save money online. How many times people get scammed. Thanks so much

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    Wow, one of the most interesting blogs to make money online and also great tips to save money online from scams.

    All About Network Marketing on August 9th, 2008
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    Good points cited. But I think it would be better that once you started making money you also must start spending money wisely.

    Svenson in Australia on March 20th, 2009