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03/23/09 Update – Since the time I wrote this review, FlexJobs now has over 1250 active jobs on their site and they have hired another person to help research and add links. They are offering a $5 discount on a month subscription… call it a recession discount… and all you have to do is use the promo code “SAVE5” on step #2 of the registration. That will bring down the price to a very low $9.95 per month! If you have any questions please use the “Contact” tab up at the top of the blog to email me.

Are you in the market for a legitimate opportunity to work from home and earn a part time to full time income? Are you tired of jumping from one website to another trying to figure out which jobs are real and which are just money making scams? If this sounds like your situation then I suggest you look into which is devoted to finding you legitimate work at home jobs.

Technology is such now that not everyone needs or wants to be going to an office every day. People want flexibility in their work so that they can lead a more varied and fulfilling life outside of their job. Many people have discovered that they can really be working at home instead of a cublicle in an office and still earn a full time income. There is more demand than ever for “flexible” jobs.

This is where FlexJobs comes in to try and assemble all these types of telecommuting stay at home jobs in one place on one website. FlexJobs is the only website of this kind right now that assembles all these types of jobs in one place. This does not mean “jobs” like envelope stuffing, filling out surveys, or multilevel marketing that you find in so many places on the net. These are legitimate work at home jobs, from real companies, that require real credentials. In order to get one of these jobs, you will need to submit a resume and be qualified for it. If you are just looking for ways to make money, don’t bother.

The jobs listed on FlexJobs are all screened to make sure they meet certain guidlines. The staff at FlexJobs actively searches for jobs on the Internet that qualify as telecommuting jobs from reliable employers and adds them to the database. This is in addition to , of course, the jobs that employers pay to have listed on Flexjobs. If you are looking to save tons of time in your search for that home job opportunity, FlexJobs is the place to go.

With FlexJobs you get:

* Over 100 new telecommuting jobs are posted every week.
* All jobs are now hand-screened by the trained staff.
* A “New Jobs For You” section on your MyFlexJobs page with the most current matching jobs.
* Email alerts are also sent out to let you know about new jobs.
* The option to upload resumes, create resumes, and more to supplement your profile.
* Great related news pieces and articles are available to you.

FlexJobs will make your life so much easier and give you a real shot at finding the right job for you that you can do from home. For all this it costs a low $14.95 per month or a one time $49.95 per year and it does come with a money back guarantee if you are not happy with their service. They want you to find that great work from home job and they want to make sure you like their service.  

If you have been searching for legitimate work from home jobs and are tired of sifting through all the money making scams on the Internet, just might be the site for you. With FlexJobs you can be confident all the jobs have been pre-screened to make sure they are all real opportunities for you to earn a full time income from home while at the same time enjoying a more flexible work schedule.

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    Since new jobs are added every day, you can be certain to find the type of telecommuting work you’re looking for.

    Resumes on August 8th, 2008
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    Bryan Hodge
    11705 Railton Drive (512) 247-6311 (Home)
    Del Valle, TX. 78617 (512) 970-3088 (Cell)

    OBJECTIVE : To acquire a position in sale/ customer care that allows me to utilize the vast amount of experience, training and development I have been provided to create a successful situation for the both the company and the customer.

    07/01/2004- 01/06/2008
    Collections Agent -Paragon Way
    The opportunity given was to assist clients with outstanding debts to find viable options to resolve them.


    Assistant Branch Manager -Dial America Marketing
    Worked with outbound sales representatives to help them succeed at acquiring customers for the respective programs.

    09/09/1990 -05/30/1998
    Outbound Sales Supervisor-MCI
    I worked with outbound sales representatives to help them develop the skill and confidence
    To be as successful as possible

    Adept at Planning and Organization
    Extensive Group and Individual Counseling Experience
    Personnel Management / Supervision
    Working Knowledge of Administrative Procedures
    Jacksonville State University-Alabama


    Bryan Hodge on August 8th, 2008
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    I’ve been looking for months now for something to do at home. It’s hard to know which of these opportunities are legitimage and which aren’t. At first glance, this looks like a good one. Will definitely research it. Thanks for the info!

    Telecommuting Jobs Momma on April 14th, 2009