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Talking avatars are popping up on websites all over the Internet now but it was a year and half ago that I signed up for the SitePal affiliate program. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I thought these talking website avatars were kind of cool and I wanted to try and sell them.

I put up a one page free Blogger blog and wrote a short “review” of SitePal and all the things the progam offered. I┬áthen wrote one article and published it on with a link back to my Blogger blog. That’s it! I did all that and totally forgot about it as I lost interest and moved on to other things like starting

Ten months later (that’s 10 WHOLE MONTHS) I got an email from SitePal (actually the parent company Oddcast) that I had made a sale. I had no idea what they were talking about and I didn’t even have a link to my Blogger blog as I had forgotten completely that I had ever made it. Well, it took awhile but I tracked down my blog and it was still there apparently still waiting to make me money.

Interestingly, I got another email the next month and one the next month too! In fact, I have made at least one sale every month now for nine straight months from a blog I made in about a half an hour and then abandoned! What you can see from below is that the conversion rate is incredible. Now I don’t know whether those “purchases” are all recurring purchases or what but I do know that they seem to keep magically happening. Maybe my visitors are super super targeted visitors ­čÖé

I know these SitePal talking buddies are popular on Ebay auctions and they are used on many websites to welcome visitors. It helps you give a personal greeting to your auction or website visitors. There is lots of competition in this field now as I know of at least two other websites that will provide real actors instead of the animated SitePal version as the greeter.┬áI don’t know how┬áthese website greeters┬áimprove sales but there is a monthly recurring fee starting at $9.95 all the way up to $49.95 per month. There are also yearly price plans available.

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