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NOTE: Aren’t you tired of all of Brad Callen’s spam? This way of getting a discount doesn’t work anymore as Seo Elite now costs $47.00 per month and not a one time fee like it used to. It is a good piece of software but certainly not worth $47.00 per month in my opinion. Another thing, why don’t you just download Market Samurai for a 2 week free trial and the keyword search function remains free for life. Does the same thing as Keyword Elite only it is FREE. Save your money and don’t buy Keyword Elite just because spam king Brad Callen tells you to. 

If you are looking to buy both Keyword Elite and SEO Elite, the cheapest way to do that is to go into this link for SEO Elite, and go all the way down to the bottom and click where you see:

On the next page go down to the last big outlined box and click in the little box where it says: Check here now to include “Keyword Elite” keyword analysis and generation  technology with your order of SEO Elite and claim your HUGE $40 discount available  to SEO Elite customers ONLY!

Your price for both Keyword Elite and SEO Elite will be $303.00 and that is $40.00 cheaper than buying them one at a time and the best price you can get for both of these software programs. Start here by clicking SEO Elite.

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    Nice blog!!!It is nice to hear that Keyword Elite and SEO Elite is available in very cheaper price…These are
    the great software tool available for the SEO..
    With the help of tool we can do keyword analysis
    and generation,so it is mandatory for everyone..
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Seo Solution on May 13th, 2009