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If you are thinking you might want to work from home and  make a living playing online poker, it might be smart to consider another option for your career choice. The US government is busy trying their hardest to make online poker illegal and a felony in the United States. It is already a reality in a handful of US states and in Germany.

The video below is both funny and scary because it could really happen in our out of control goverment that is so determined to protect us from ourselves. Many people are able to make a nice living from poker but it looks like online poker jobs are a risky proposition. If you want to play poker as a job, you had better go to an Indian casino where the government says it is OK because they tax that revenue. As long as they get their taxes, gambling is fine with our fearless government leaders. State lotteries, for instance, are used to further drain the resourses of the poor who can’t afford to play while lining the coffers of our elected officials who crave power. That’s my take anyway.

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  • 1

    Haha good post – certainly scared me off the idea haha

    Funny Videos on August 30th, 2008
  • 2

    Online poker should be legal in United States. It’s all I can say. It’s up to people to decide whether they want to play online poker or not.

    PokerIsGame on August 30th, 2008
  • 3

    Well that sucks – i love playing abit of poker online. I agree with the 2nd comment!

    Jokes on September 22nd, 2008
  • 4

    this law is so bad. but you can still play but it is
    hard to deposit

    poker video blog on October 29th, 2008
  • 5

    I really liked the clip, it was funny but also not scary – hope the world doesn’t end up like that. A lot of people are successful from online poker so to take it away would be harsh.

    learn to play poker on November 6th, 2008
  • 6

    I do not think it is illegal to play poker online…How in the world would have all poker game sites sustained so far….in such a case?

    RightMan on December 22nd, 2008
  • 7

    It is illegal and a FELONY to play in the state of Washington.

    DayJobNuker on December 22nd, 2008
  • 8

    The main reason they banned online poker from the States is to regulate the addicted gamblers. But how can prevention be achieved when the real casinos which caters the same games are just a drive away?

    Custom Poker Tables on December 29th, 2008
  • 9

    Im agree that online poker should be legal in United States.

    Merrell on February 13th, 2009
  • 10

    This really is a bad move making poker illegal, at what point will they stop controlling everything we do. baseball will be banned next you watch lol

    Poker on August 25th, 2009
  • 11

    Poker may be illegal, but there has not be 1 person in this country that has ever gone to jail or been fined for playing online poker.

    poker rakeback on September 21st, 2009
  • 12

    That’s true but all most all the fish went out of online poker when they made it harder to deposit money. The casual fish said goodbye to poker because it was too hard for them to make deposits. It was those thousands of college fish and fish from around the world that were really pumping up the game. Who wants to play against only the good and winning players? I sure don’t.

    DayJobNuker on September 21st, 2009
  • 13

    Wow great clip, hope online poker is going to be legal soon

    Free Poker Money on September 26th, 2009
  • 14

    It’s only a matter of time until poker will be legal again in US . Is better for the gov to get taxes from this popular game .

    No Deposit Bonus on November 17th, 2009
  • 15

    I totally agree with #2 – the fact it is illegal makes it so much more appealing to people who otherwise would never play, people should be able to take control on their lives and decide if they want to play online poker or not.

    777Poker on December 28th, 2009
  • 16

    nice video mate…
    i don’t know y? most of countries have banned poker… I really enjoy playing poker as well as online and offline… I have to visit other countries to play poker… :'(… this hurts alot to my pocket…

    Poker Teacher on May 4th, 2010
  • 17

    I’ve played poker since 2004 and some of the comments here say the fish left with the fall of the american market, trust me theres plenty of european fish out there too..

    Poker as a living is only for the 1% or less. You should always view it as fun and never gamble with more than you can afford

    freepokercash on February 13th, 2011