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Work at home jobs have now become common place and fully accepted. Both men and women are afforded the chance in many real jobs to work a day or two from home instead of going into the workplace. Some are lucky and can even work more at home and only occasionally have to go into the office. Others, like stay at home moms and dads who might not have been able to earn anything while staying at home with the children in the past, are now able to make some good part time income because of the Internet.

Many moms would now like to either be making a part time or a full time income from home and I would say the same is true for dads. Work at home dads are out there and they are always ignored when discussing the work from home environment. Learning how to find good stay at home jobs is just as much an interest to the men as it is to the women.

There are really three types of people when it comes to making money on the Internet and finding home jobs. The first kind of person is someone who has heard you can make easy money online and just wants to find out how to work at home and make a quick buck. This type of beginner is usually someone young or youngish and they have heard that you can make easy money blogging, filling out free paid surveys, or maybe even by Internet marketing. They might not have too many technical skills but they have heard that the Internet is a cash machine and they want their part of it. They might have even heard the terms “turnkey websites” and that sounds great to them. They are not looking for real job ideas but looking for ways to make money and preferably very easy ways to make money online.  

Unfortunately for them, there is really nothing that is terribly easy and lucrative that is going to take them to the promised land as they hope. After buying some ebooks and trying some of the methods described in them, they usually end up quitting as they get frustrated with their failures. There are many legitimate ways to make money online but none of them will make you a truckload of cash without some serious effort.

The second type of person looking for ways to make money is someone trying to find some sort of legitimate work at home job or opportunity that is part time. This person might be a student, a mom or dad at home with the kids, or just anyone who needs and wants to make some money on the side. It might be someone who really needs more money to make ends meet or just someone who has some extra time and wants to have some savings. Being able to find work at home jobs will allow this type of person to perhaps make that extra money they want without having to commit to a real part time job arrangement. Jobs in this category include home assembly jobs, home healthcare jobs, work at home customer service jobs, data entry jobs at home, work from home typing jobs, and call center home jobs.

Being able to work from home during the hours you choose gives anybody an extra paycheck while not compromising their dignity. If times are tough and extra money is needed to make ends meet, a home job is much preferable to going out and flipping burgers at a restaurant. In fact, people who have “at home jobs” have no travel expenses and might be happy making less than minimum wage because of the convenience of it. I sort of fall into this category as I am trying to make extra money on the side but I do hope it will turn into something legitimate that I can count on in the future. Finding ways I can make money and work from home is preferable for me to being in the workplace if I can do it.

The third type of persons are those looking for full time legitimate job ideas that pay a full time wage. Of course a full time wage means different things to different people. Some are happy with and can get by with perhaps $24,000 to $36,000 per year while many might need much more than that. The higher the wage required I would think the harder it will be for someone to find a job that pays well and allows them to work at home. Also, someone living in New York would have to make a lot more to get by than someone living in Arkansas.

Self employed people and entrepreneurs have the best shot at being able to run a business out of their homes. They can be involved in a countless number of businesses that might allow them the luxury of working at home and not have to go into a formal workplace every day. They are able to run their businesses from home much more easily now with the full blown emergence of the Internet and all the things like virtual meetings that go along with it.



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    Great read. thanks for sharing.

    The best thing about working at home that you don’t have to stick to specific business field because you will find new opportunities everyday as long as you expand your Online Business knowledge. Paid Surveys, Get Paid To, etc.. are good way to convert some of your free time into dollar every month. also You can benefit from your website or relations in building good downline that will help you increase your monthly earnings all the way. But still you should look for higher paying businesses such as Affiliate Marketing or PPC ads (If you really want to survive working at home. IMO

    Thanks and happy Money Making online everyone.

    Work At Home on September 27th, 2008
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    home jobs are much easier to manage. you are the boss of you. you don’t have to follow any orders from some body. and also you can monitor your home and help maintaining your place. your children will be more comfortable with seeing their parents after school.

    le corbusier on July 15th, 2009
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    there are lots of Work At Home programs out there. some programs are scam. I only stick to making blogs and monetizing it with Google Adsense.

    Karen on August 25th, 2009
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    Depending on your skills, Now a days you can make a decent living doing odd jobs Online. You just have to be careful of what you commit your self in to.

    NY Hotel on November 11th, 2010