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Aren’t you tired of having your Craigslist posts flagged and deleted? Do you post your ads only to find out five minutes later that someone has flagged them and they are deleted? What’s the deal with these flaggers? I mean, it doesn’t even seem to matter what kind of ad you put up, someone will flag it. I put an ad up for a car I was selling and the next day I discovered my Craigslist post had been flagged and was gone. How do you post on Craigslist and make it stick?

The problem is that it is not the Craigslist staff that are flagging and deleting ads. It is regular people like you and me! Are there really people who have no life and just sit there and flag Craigslist posts all day? What kind of losers are these people? I mean really, I don’t have time to keep posting and listing and having most of my Craigslist ads flagged and deleted.

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    There are some people on the internet who seem to take great delight in flagging anything they find.
    Sad b******s

    zania on September 6th, 2008
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    Great to hear some other share my sentiments. I own a seller-financed management company, and I frequently post ads for my client’s homes on craigslist, with a link to my company’s website for potential home buyers to find out more. Just in the last couple of weeks, my postings on craigslist have a life expectancy of maybe four or five hours. Since I charge very little for my management service, and since craigslist is replete with postings by realtors, the list of suspects (by profession) is pretty short. I mean, I really don’t think a home shopper cares that the homes I’m posting are available on land contract. I think the key to ending the vitriolic flags and deletes is for the flagger or deleter to have to identify themselves. Otherwise these losers living in their parent’s basement and spending the entire day in front of the computer will continue to get their kicks by having this miniscule amount of power in the world.

    Jim H. on November 8th, 2008
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    I flag anytime I see something posted for 1$ (housing/tickets/electronics, anything) and it isn’t 1$. The people who posts these are missing the idea of CL. all the 1$ posts water-down the legitimate posts when people filter with a max price. Spread the word, because it is getting out of hand, and I think their should be a 1$ listed flag link for the flagging options.

    matt on December 5th, 2008
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    I own a seller-financed management company, and I frequently post ads for my client’s homes on craigslist, with a link to my company’s website for potential home buyers to find out more.

    Well DUH! is non commercial…for the laymen…or you…it’s not meant for commercial sales.

    Nice job commercial spammer….you are one of the ones I report!

    john on March 4th, 2009
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    Get a clue!
    Craigs isn’t for businesses. Craigslist doesn’t want businesses. Businesses are only tolerated in the services section.
    Nobody wants you.
    And just to let you know, there is no such thing as freedom of speech in my house or on Craig’s List.

    Taking out the trash on April 3rd, 2009
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    John and Taking out the trash,
    I guess we can see first hand the mentality of people like you who have nothing better to do in life than flag other people’s posts.

    It’s guys like you who even flagged my ad selling my car. Perhaps it is time to do something constuctive with your life?

    DayJobNuker on April 3rd, 2009
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    You guys are wrong about some of this stuff. What if I am looking for a house and I want this guys ad, as long as he doesnt’ have more than one? It makes CL more robust to have commercial ads also, just not spammers. To call that guy who posts on CL a commercial spammer when you don’t know if he posts more than one? Your mentality is what is wrong with CL and why so many honest people get flagged. Get a clue.

    Dale on April 10th, 2009
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    Heres the deal. People are getting sick of the 10% ruling the 90%. So who cares if you dont want the product or service someone is selling move on, that does not give you the right to flag their work??

    For instance I post a weight loss product in general, well its a general item like anything else! It’s gets flagged everyday. Not only will it get flagged but say if I am selling a car and i posted an ad yesterday … well that gets flagged too.

    They have to be using IP info to do this as i will post from different addys and never more than 3-5 ads a day world wide. Bottom line CL is shooting itself in the foot big time, the 90% are waiting for the first non flagging posting paper like CL to jump on the wagon with. I can understand overposting like some people get away with daily… or even posting a jock strap in furniture section… but freaking cmon.

    In another instance 1 junk car removal company in Atlanta posts 10 times a day in 5-6 catagories no less. They never get flagged and despite people banding together to try to stop it, nothing ever gets done.. it’s the same crap every day.

    As far as I see it, and I have been using CL for years.. it is losing it’s luster fast. The day someone comes up with a free site similar to CL with No flagging by Nazi’s someone has a billion dollar business. As a matter of fact i just may start it

    Jay on May 20th, 2009
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    I think the people who spend their time flagging others are certainly up there with the biggest losers in the world. I mean are you seriously that bored? go for a walk or something. It’s people like you that aren’t buying anything off this website you’re just using it for entertainment…so be entertained. I enjoy seeing what individuals and dealers/businesses have to offer and i think it keeps every body in check. As for the really stupid comment saying that craigslist isn’t for businesses…. why would Craigslist have an option to search “cars & trucks” listed by dealers if they don’t want businesses listing there????? WOW

    Dave on May 20th, 2009
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    It’s annoying as heck when you take the time to put together a nice ad and some loser flags it for no good reason. I think a lot of people feel like they have no control over their daily lives, so when they see an opportunity to exercise some kind of control over something, they jump on it zealously, even if it’s at the expense of someone else.

    Sell My Car on May 26th, 2009
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    Flaggers are like mallcops,useless,and loosers! I wanna see a program that tracks a FLAGGERS’ ip address(which could lead to alot more!).If i had it,I would post for everyone to see, their ip/home address and remind them of their place in this world,because you wouldnt be a punk like that to my face!I guarantee that..PU$$Y!!
    I will post what,when i want,and you will either like it..or move on!(like a normal person)

    josh on June 16th, 2009
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    Not much to do about the desperate idiotic flaggers. I just immediately repost.

    Rob on June 28th, 2009
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    (Do flaggers realize that everytime they flag an ad and it gets removed from craigslist the database is reset and we can re-post the exact same ad word for word without the database kicking it back saying, “Similar Posting Already Submitted: Error” , Thank you flaggers for helping me out So I can to get my ad back on top of the list with no problems…lol)

    unixbocx on July 9th, 2009
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    I honestly wish that some people on new yorks computer services section got flagged, there are a couple of knuckleheads that all they do is monopolize the board, posting 100+ ads a day in the manhattan section under different ads but happens to be the same people, same phone numbers, same flat rate, and same copied ads from other people on craigslist central & west coast, giving anyone else no chance to be seen. If I had to post only once a day in that section I truly would not bother, as most my clients tell me they don’t look 3 pages back to look for specific services from providers. Thanks for letting me rant a bit. 🙂

    lj gorlock on July 30th, 2009
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    I understand about the overposting! I hate it. But craigslist should catagorize their Automobile section down to where you are looking for a certain catagory such as Four wheel drive, Family cars, sports cars……….For all those retards that think craigslit is not for commercial sellers, you are retarded!! What the He_ _ do they have a section in there for car sales that says For Sale By Dealer? How many people can list a house for sale? That section would be bare if it were not for Real Estate agents. Do you retards not understand Craigslist is a FREE site! Meaning free to anyone who wants to sell. And you are in there all day long every day BEACAUSE? Are you a professional Shopper? A professional seller hating competition, Or just a REAL version of a loser with no life and no CONTROL in your life so you find your power in a free site that allows rejects the privelage of “flagging”? What ever it is if you are a pro-flagger you can assure you are a sad pathetic retard LOSER!!!

    Eddy Parisi on September 14th, 2009
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    This is for the Dumb@ss Person who said “craigslist is not for bussinesses” IF It Were Not They would not have a by dealer section under some of there headings! Dumb@ss!!!

    John on September 18th, 2009
  • 17

    I am so sick of these craigslist spammers!Do you guys know that they can easily download a “craigslist flagger” and it will remove the ad right away? It’s bs and something needs to be done about it. I say someone invent a flagstopper which disables the flag button! Something that you could post in your ad, a code and makes it invisible so your ad appears normal and your ad will stay up until you decide to take it down:)

    Ahhh to see the looks on the flagger’s faces when the damn thing just won’t go away 🙁

    That my friends, is genius and I totally should get one of my geeky friends to do it for me:)

    Radan on September 19th, 2009
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    I’ve been trying the craigsflagger and it doesn’t work. Up to 300 times, the page says, and the ad was still up.

    CJR on September 22nd, 2009
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    What is needed is the requirement that all flaggers identify themselves, with an automatic limit per person. I agree that these people are the lowest kind of punk-a$$…buttt-sniffs. Get your noses out of my recked-him!!!!!!!

    Rick on October 15th, 2009
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    Look, fuckhead, if you post in the wrong category or post so many god damned ads that you just annoy us, you’re gonna get fucking FLAGGED! Can’t you read the TOS when you post? How fucking stupid are you? And I have software that flags.

    O on October 23rd, 2009
  • 21

    Sorry for the repost:

    I draw a good percentage of my business on CL. In this economy- paid advertising is simply not affordable.

    Seriously do people like:

    “Look, fuckhead, if you post in the wrong category or post so many god damned ads that you just annoy us, you’re gonna get fucking FLAGGED! Can’t you read the TOS when you post? How fucking stupid are you? And I have software that flags.”

    realize that that are hurting other people from making a living?

    It sounds to me that there is an actual community of flaggers. “you just annoy us”

    Can you people go start another club that is more helpful to society? Perhaps you simply GET OFF of the perception of power.

    I have a club idea for you guys.

    Change your club name from “CL Flaggin Pussies” to “Let’s get Laid Club!”

    I promise your outlook on life will improve tremendously once you have sex with humans.

    GEE on October 25th, 2009
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    I am looking for people who would join in on a class action law suit. Craigslist controls about 45% of the entire advertising segmant. It has become quite necessary to advertise on their site since the general public is so aware of that site and does most of their shopping there. Ebay has lost so much business from it that they ended up buying 25% of there stock. So with that said I am saying a business cant keep an ad going on CL due to this open flagging policy and a business needs this site to prosper, An individual would love to sell but cant and get harassed cause they cant get an ad to stay up. Any way you look at it CL aloows all this harassment and meicious flagging to go on and does nothing to make it legitimate or control the way it works to make it fair. If you are trying to run an ad and need advertising to survive and are losing money due to this uncontroled flagging, let me know. eddy4294 AT yahoo. com

    Eddy on October 26th, 2009
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    HERE IS A NICE TIP FOR EVERYONE: I found out who has been flagging me on craigslist So I Started posting Ads for amazing amazing deals such as Perfect running cars for $500 or Brand New Blackberry Curve 8900 for $125 and I post their name and their phone number under the ad. simple. –Special Shout out goes to the two losers who love to flag – Flora and Don 😉

    Normal Guy on November 13th, 2009
  • 24

    how do i find out whos flagging my business..

    gene on November 14th, 2009
  • 25

    Amazing. All you whinebags complaining about your ads getting flagged need to read the Craigslist TOS. I’ll bet every single one of you is breaking the rules.

    To the whinebag up top whining about her real estate ads getting flagged. Links to your business/website are PROHIBITED by Craigslist TOS. Follow the rules dummy.

    mpr on November 16th, 2009
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    I would like to get a list of the top reason’s people flag ads. Craigs list is pretty general, and while I have never flagged an ad, or would I, I do find some things misleading. So instead of arguing, flaggers, send me your top reasons. I want to make a list, as I feel their are some very valid reasons. I often teach individuals the benefits of using craigslist, and this list could come in handy for new posters and area’s to avoid. As to flagging vandelism, not much anyone can do about that with-out changes to Craigslist policy. So line up the top 10 or 20 reasons why people flag. Craigs list is such a great tool, and it is up to us, the community, to build respect and trust. (And of course, we all know Craigs list could use some help in that area). Cheers, and I hope to see the messages.

    Scott Richards on November 18th, 2009
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    Knowing someone who works with Craigslist, I can now get the IP and other data from the computers that are doing the flagging. There are certain areas that I get flagged regularly for no reason other than the flagger is just one of those dysfunctional human beings not fit to wipe our feet on. Once I get the info, I am going to make the flaggers info public on as many forums as possible. It should be fun to know that these losers will soon be getting feedback of their own.

    Hal Sebring on November 20th, 2009
  • 28

    For the professional FLAGGER;
    I am reading how you people respond to the other people who are mad about getting flagged, you respond as though you have ownership rights and it is your resposability to keep it in line. How do you get so low in your life that you resort to sitting in a FREE advertising site looking to police it????? You people have actually studied and memorized the Terms Of Use as though it is a lifetime career and for wha reason?? I mean if you are not buying or selling what the hell are you so involved in it for? Do you not see what a weak pathetic sad life you have? This guy up a few ads says “you just annoy us.” O.K. we annoy you but at least we own a real business and not part of some imaginary company that you pretend to own so you feel justified in your life, I will bet you have small $$ in your bank account so you get power from feeling like a big dog business owner of a major website. Craigslist owners could care a less if you are taking care of their site! Have you ever received a paycheck? Have you ever found youself FLAGGER of the year? Have even received a browny point?? DUH? Well who ever you flaggers are you are not really doing anyone a favor but yourself by feeling the pretend power. Do you really think if I am shopping for a car that I care if anyone has three more for sale or has a business, and if I did , then shouldnt I just be a big boy and move on instaed of punishing that person by flagging them. It is so childish and VERY COWARDLY! You found a way to play basturd rat fuck in a hidden fashion so now you can’t get your ass kicked by a real person. You obviously don’t know who you are flagging, if you did and some of the people you flag knew you we all know it would not happen. I wish the dork that flagged me could see me in person and have a choice to flag me in front of me and be 2′ away from me, I know 99% of all you flaggers would crumble and cry! Either way, if you sit in the site all day and are not buying, selling or trying to improve yourself in any way you can walk right over to the nearest mirror and look at yourself and remember that is what a financially poor, frustrated, low in their life, sad, geeky dork retard person looks like. Dont worry about replying to this if you are a Flagger, it will only be you proving your sad little self as a reject in life who has no life!
    Here is a link for any one wanting to petition Flaggers,

    Me on November 20th, 2009
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    now you guys are starting to think….lets cut these bastards off at the pass..track their ip addresses and make a public refrence of who they are…at minimum you will build a “do not deal list”…maybe a few will get what they deserve, when exposed!!!

    I am also planning on getting a few people together in order to “BLOW-UP” certain sections of craigslist at any given time…We take control back, and give them their worst fear….CHAOS ADDS!!! The goal is Recruting more people to continue in the persuit of stopping this non-sense!from signing petitions to going nationwide with the chaos adds,untill someone stops the Abusive Flagging!We will Use the same tools, used to flag us…and creat total chaos…If we cant post a normal add,nobody will!

    Contact if your down to do something about it!!!

    josh on November 21st, 2009
  • 30


    dingleberry cherry on December 3rd, 2009
  • 31

    I keep getting an ad for musical gear flagged off because these idiot flaggers, don ‘t like the price or the fact that I won’t piece out the gear. That simple….They want to dictate the terms and price…It’s pure bullshit…Craigslist does absolutely nothing to help it gets ridiculous…I just repost the ad everytime I check my email and it gets bumped to the top, which then they have the balls to comment on how I’m top posting…these losers need to be dealt with…Can somebody come up with a program to track their IPs and then blow up their fucking hard drives…for now is all you can do is repost I’ve got it down to a 10 secoind process….but it is annouying the only solace is I know it annoys the little flaggers more

    heywoodjablomi on January 2nd, 2010
  • 32

    Craigslist is “nothing” like other social networking sites such as blackplanet myspace or facebook where people’s posts always stick around. with craigslist people’s postings come & go 🙁

    tan on January 6th, 2010
  • 33

    Craigslist is controlled by software flaggers and slanderers. I get flagged down as fast as I can post and then they block me. I did not violate TOS.

    Mark on May 28th, 2010
  • 34

    I flag the way flagging was meant to be used. If I see someone posting twenty ads for a car for sale, but there is no car, just a link to a website or some lame picture of a car lot…I flag it. I only do it when I notice a few, while I am looking for the item.

    It weeds out the crap spammers, and keeps the thing partially moderated.

    Yeah, people flag totally legit stuff, and that sucks. Some people form scripts or proxy batteries to pummel the list into submission. Still others make jerkoff websites like this one, trying to make money on you to sell your cheap imported goods.

    And the world keeps rollin…get over it. And don’t give the creepy creepmaster of this creepsite any of your real money. Creep.

    ProfessorRico on October 23rd, 2010
  • 35

    I think ProfessorRico shows the mentality of many of the people who do the flagging: they are angry at the world and at people in general. Sorry you don’t like my website and sorry you feel a need to call me names.

    DayJobNuker on October 23rd, 2010
  • 36

    Apology accepted. And yeah, pretty sick of most people’s bs…including this site, and you.

    Because what the world needs is obviously MORE spam.

    ProfessorRico on October 23rd, 2010