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The Dow has just experienced its biggest one day drop in history going down 777 points. Not even on 9/11 did it go down more. This is on top of an already horrendous year makes one wonder if this is one of the biggest buying opportunities that only comes around once in a while.

If you are one of the few who actually have savings and cash on hand, this might be time to start seriously looking at getting into the market. Yes, the market is obviously going to have a lot of choppy days ahead, but this all out stock market panic makes one wonder whether this is a good time to buy into stocks. The question is, is there more risk of going down a lot further or more chance of it going up from here?

It is hard to bite the bullet and buy into this market now but this is where the big money is made. If you are going to profit from the stock market panic of 2008, you are going to have to get gutsy and invest soon. It might be too early to do it tomorrow or even this week as there may be another big down day ahead. But this market is oversold because people are bailing out and panicking leaving a lot of attractive stocks to invest in. To make the big score and make money from this September panic, you are going to have to buy soon at these lows. Now is the time to make money and start to buy into the market. You might want to look into Stock Market For Beginners / Dummies.

All the news today and this week will be about the failed bailout and how lawmakers are meeting and arguing over what to do. The stock market is tanking and people are losing not only their retirement but fortunes as well.  Even people who know nothing about the stock market are becoming interested and when there is money to be made, people start to pay attention.

If you are a stock market beginner and are lucky enough to have some cash you can risk losing, now might really be a good time to make a bet on a stock or two. Of course I say make a bet but I really mean invest. 

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    This surely is the hardest yet BEST time to be buying. If you have nerves of steel and believe that buying stocks is the actual ownership of a company, you should do fine.

    Jae Jun on November 12th, 2008
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    These are difficult times, but at the end of the day the world hasn’t ended and eventually stability will return. I agree, if you’re brave, prepared to be patient and have the cash, buying into the stock market could be a good move.

    judith on November 16th, 2008
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    For many first time investors the most difficult task to learn before trading stocks is trying to learn what the different type of stocks are in the market. This lack of investing knowledge can result in many novice investors making poor investment choices or avoiding the stock market all together.

    Investor rules on November 20th, 2008