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If you are looking for cheap vending machines, Ebay is the best place to get them both new and used. Calling Vendstar or any of the other professional vending machine companies will get you some fancy promises but at very high prices.

For instance, Vendstar will sell you their triple headed candy machines for about $300.00 each when you can often get them for half that price new on Ebay. With the Vendstar deal you will supposedly get some other perks such as a professional placement service but that is not worth anything close to the high prices they want to charge you per machine. Additionally, they will try their darndest to get you to sign up and pay for the 15 machine deal or even better for them, the 30 machine deal.

One of the reasons you can find individual people selling their new and used vending machines on Ebay is for this very reason that they got suckered in to buying too many machines. Many people do very well with their vending machine routes but others struggle and never make it. Unfortunately, they got pressured into buying too many machines from these vending machine companies and now they are willing to sell them for great prices to you on Ebay. So, if you are looking for deals and want to know where to get used vending machines of any type, look first on Ebay. You will find great prices for both new and used vending machines. Here are some links that will take you right to the different vending machines for sale:

Triple Headed Vending Machines
Double Headed Vending Machines
Snack Vending Machines
Soda Vending Machines

There is really no reason to go directly to the manufacturer to get your machines as you can almost always find new vending machines on Ebay that are often even in their original boxes. Why pay overpriced retail prices when you can get much better deals right on Ebay!

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    Good post.

    Which machine would you recommend as most profitable.


    Gabri on October 25th, 2008
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    Nice one..
    If you are looking for If you are looking for cheap vending machines.. you can find individual people selling their new and used vending machines on Ebay..for more just spend five min to read this blog.

    accounts jobs on October 31st, 2008
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    Used vending machines and ebay are great recomendations. I usually get my vending machines for pennies on the dollar

    Vending machines on January 25th, 2009