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Most online money making systems require you to invest money, build a website, and then pay for traffic. Are there any fast ways to make money online that are simple and work? Are there any ways to make money with PayPal and get paid right away?

The closest thing to this is Project Payday. With Project Payday you can get started making money right away and you will be paid via your PayPal account. Now this is not for everyone and some people just don’t have the time, patience, or understanding for it. But others love it and end up making $200 a day. You will need a credit card to get started but you will be getting paid more to your PayPal account than you will be putting on your credit card.

You will be doing trial offers for various products and services and you will be paid by other people for doing those offers through their links. They will get credit and make money from you doing the offers and they will then pass some of that profit on to you. Usually the amount you will be paid into your PayPal account is around $20 to $25 per offer. Later if you like, you can make even more money by learning how to be the one paying the other people.

I have done this before and made quick money with it as I outline in this 3 part Project Payday review.  Please read through all 3 parts to get a better understanding of what is happening and how this is one of the only fast ways to make money that is truly legitimate. Or you can click the video link below and watch the Project Payday video.

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    You really explained project payday really good. It is a great program and it does allow you to make a goodamouny of money too.

    Meka on October 30th, 2008
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    The only problem is that you need a credit card (NOT a debit card) to make money this way. If you don’t have a credit card, you’re SOL and wasted your time.

    Brett on July 28th, 2009
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    Yes, you do need a credit card but if you do it right, you will soon be making more than you are spending. Much of it is done with PayPal as well once you jump thee fence and are paying others.

    DayJobNuker on July 28th, 2009