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Don’t Fall for These Work at Home Scams

There are a lot of work at home scams circling around the internet and offline classifieds. There’s also plenty of legitimate work at home opportunities out there. You just need to know the difference so you don’t get scammed. Below I have listed some common work at home scams so you can be sure not to fall for them.

* Envelope Stuffing – This is one of the most common work at home scams. How it works is you send money to someone claiming to be a business and they are supposed to give you information on working at home stuffing envelopes. However, you will just get a letter telling you to place the exact same envelope stuffing ad to get people to send you money. The only way you make money is if people respond to your envelope stuffing ad and you illegally steal their money the same way yours was stolen.

* Assembling Products at Home – These programs usually want you to spend a bunch of money for equipment and supplies, and then work countless hours assembling products for companies that are supposedly going to buy them. The problem is that your items never live up totheir “quality standards” so you never get paid.

*Google Jobs Posting Links – This is a scam all the way. There are lots of different kinds of ads out there that make it sound like Google is hiring but they are not. You need to run away from anything that mentions “posting links” or “Google jobs”.

* Paying for a Work at Home Job – A job is a job whether you do it online or not. Have you ever had to pay to get a job offline? Nope. And you should never pay to get a work at home job either! If you find a work at home job and they ask you for money upfront, don’t even think about sending it to them. They are trying to scam you so just move on.

Now, don’t get this confused with home business opportunities orproducts that are created to help you make money online. Those are completely different than work at home jobs and will almost always cost money whether they are legitimate or not.

* Medical Billing – Another so called work at home opportunity that is usually a scam. What you do here is send money for a medical billing kit to run a bill collection service from home. In reality, the kit is just a bunch of forms and letters that pretty much anyone could design and the list of companies they send you are addresses they took from the phone book.

* Nigerian Email Scam – This isn’t really a work at home scam but it is a scam that many people who want work at home end up falling for. It’s an email scam that has been going on for many years. It originated in Nigeria but nowadays they come from about everywhere. The scammer claims to be a wealthy foreigner who needs your help moving a bunch of money from their country to yours and will give you a large sum of money if you help them. Needless to say, you will never get any money from them and you will get scammed out of your ownmoney.

These are not all the work at home scams out there that you need to avoid but they are some of the most common. To be sure you don’t get scammed just do your research on any opportunity or job before you send your money. Search engines and forums are your friend. You can get all the information you need from them to avoid getting scammed. Also, if it sounds way too good to be true then it probably is. You aren’t going to get rich quickly so stop falling for scams that promise you will!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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    When folks are anxious and looking for ways to improve their lot these scams prey on that state of mind. Thanks for posting this.

    blogcoach on November 12th, 2008
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    Thanks for the great post. Unfortunately too many people are taken in by these scams. Hopefully your post will make more people aware.

    Kelly on December 1st, 2008
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    This is some great information, if people would just research before jumping into something they would learn a lot about home=base business, most legitimate business would offer you information for FREE. I got involved in one and view information for free did my home work and it’s working for me.

    Brian on December 1st, 2008
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    Wow, great topic and lots of information on the work at home scams. There are so many of these out there now that it is really scary. I am sure people are getting scammed on a daily basis. The worse part is once you give out your home address to one of these companies you are now on the mailing lists. You will start to get letters and postcards from thousands of people a month wanting you to sign up with them to make lots of easy money. Please be smart and don’t give out your address or telephone number.

    Quote Warz on December 16th, 2008