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Are home assembly jobs real and can you really make money doing them? Along with stuffing envelopes from home and data  entry jobs from home, you might have run across ads looking for people to work from home assembling products. This is another one of the work from home jobs that sound great on the surface but when you dig deeper into what is really going on, you realize there is usually a scam involved. Now there is a new scam going around and I call it the Google jobs scam where people are convinced to buy a home business “kit” that they have virtually no chance of making money with.

Assembling products has been around for a very long time as have home assembly jobs so most people have some familiarity with it. Any company that manufactures and sell a real physical product probably has some form of an assembly line to put it together. The most famous of these companies are probably the auto manufacturers in Detroit and companies such as Boeing that make airplanes. Everyone has seen pictures of those assembly lines.

The real question is however, whether you can make a living or part time living with work at home assembling products jobs. Are any of these jobs legitimate? Unfortunately the answer is NO and these types of job scams continue to work year after year because there are always people hoping to make a quick and easy buck.


Here is how the scam works: with any of the home assembly jobs you see advertised on the Internet or in the classifieds, a depost will always be required. The reason for this fee, the ad will say, is to cover the cost of the materials they are sending you. They don’t want to just send you something without you first putting down some sort of deposit which is usually somewhere between $20 and $50. Another excuse that might be used for this fee is that they want to make sure you are really “interested” and “serious” about the job. They don’t want people “wasting” their time and the fee is necessary to weed out the people who are not really serious.  

In return for you sending them your hard earned money, they will send you an information packet complete with instructions and the materials you need to start assembling. These materials can be almost anything but one thing will be for sure: they will be cheap. While reading the information packet you might notice a blurb about how the products you assemble must meet certain company quality standards. It is this statement that is crucial to the scam.

Once you have worked to assemble the products that were shipped to you, you will then need to send off a few of them to be tested and assessed for their quality. These products you have worked hard at home to assemble must meet those company standards you read about in the info pack. It only seems fair that someone will check your work, right? Well, unfortunately that will probably be the last you ever hear from that company. You see, no matter how well you assemble your products, it will never be good enough. 

They made their money the minute you sent them in your fee. You sent them, say $49.99 and they sent you a packet which probably cost under $5.00 to make and ship. Their profit from you is over $40.00 and that is all they wanted from you. For them it is off to scam the next gullible sucker. That is how most of these work from home assembling products jobs scam work.

If you are looking for ways to make money from home that are safe and require no upfront payment, you might try reading how I got started here at my list of top ways to make money risk free.  You might also try work from home jobs that includes some sources for real home jobs.

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    konstance reed
    560 w. hopocan ave
    barberton, oh 44203
    please send me information about work at home jobs

    konstance reed on March 10th, 2009
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    we should be careful with the jobs we are taking. we must make sure it is not a scam. it will just be a waste of time if it will be so. research the jobs first before diving and grabbing the work.

    le corbusier on July 15th, 2009
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    I have tried looking for work at home jobs and all want some kind of deposit is there a/an assembly job where i can use my tools and skills without paying a deposit

    jeremiah nobles on July 17th, 2009
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    Did you read my post? Assembly jobs are all scams so no there are not ones without a deposit.

    DayJobNuker on July 17th, 2009