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The economy is going into the tank and more people are having to work than ever just to make ends meet. Not everyone can find work from home jobs and this means that many families are having to switch from just one parent working to both parents working. This creates a need for more nannies and babysitters than ever before.

Additionally, this creates some job ideas like becoming a nanny or babysitter and the best place to sign up for those are FREE Nanny Search at Nannies4hire and FREE babysitter search at Babysitters4hire.

Nannies4hire is one of the leading online nanny agencies and it has an extensive family matching database. This service encompasses the U.S. and Canada and they have been involved with nanny jobs since 1987. You can use them to either find a nanny in your geographical area or if you are a nanny, you can find employment opportunities through them. 

Babysitters4hire is part of Nannies4hire and is backed by the same ideas and experiences that has made Nannies4hire so successful. If you are in the process of choosing a nanny or a babysitter for your children, it is a very important decision that takes a lot of question asking and expert guidance. Both of these services have the track record to make your decision easier. Also, if you are on the other end and want to do more babysitting and don’t have enough connections, Babysitters4hire is the place to go and sign up. has been featured on the Dr. Phil Show, was on the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show when Co-Founder Candi Wingate interviewed propective nannies for them. Their latest national exposure is on the SUPERNANNY show!  These two service help parents find the best match in their search for someone they can trust to watch over their children while they are at work. Whether you are looking for nanny agencies, nanny jobs, nannies, babysitters, or babysitter jobs, these are the two places to go.

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    While your article mentions on-line nanny agencies you don’t mention the traditional nanny agency. I own a nanny agency in Dobbs Ferry, NY called Family Helpers and I am also the co-president of the International Nanny Association. I would like to mention the advantages of using a traditional nanny agency.
    Nannies will have the security of knowing the family they are going to interview with has been screened by the agency. If the family seems inappropriate in any way to employ a nanny in their home, a reputable agancy will not send anyone there to interview. I have more than one story from nannies who thought they were going to meet a family, only to be confronted by a single man, luring women to his home by placing a nanny ad. Aditionally, many of the families agencies work with are repeat clients. Agency personnel is able to assess a family’s needs will send nannies who will be a good fit for the family. Also, nannies always have a live person they can talk to if they aren’t happy in their position or need advice on how to handle an uncomfortable situation. Agencies charge families for placements, not nannies, so it is always in a nanny’s best interest to work with a traditional nanny agency.