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Finding jobs that are hiring is no easy task right now. 2008 and 2009 were bad years for job hunting and it looks like 2010 may even be worse. I cannot imagine how all the college seniors are feeling right now knowing that when they graduate this summer, they are going to be faced with perhaps the toughest challenge of their life in landing that first job. The problem is that so many companies across America, and the world for that matter, are laying people off rather than hiring. Not only are there less jobs to go around, but all those college seniors will be competing with those who have been laid off as well.

The stock market and all our 401k’s have gone down drastically and this is also forcing many people who would normally have retired, to work more years because they have to.  All those baby boomers who spent and spent and never did a good job of saving are in a world of hurt and are clinging on to their jobs for dear life. That means less jobs to go around than there normally would be if this financial crisis had never happened. No matter what way you look at it, there are less jobs to go around and it is hard to find jobs that are hiring.

You Need To Work Harder To Get That Job

If you are one of those unfortunate people who needs to find a job, what can you do to get some advantage over everyone else? Unfortunately, there is nothing other than hard work to give you that upper edge. Employers now have the luxury of only hiring the best qualified as they have so many resumes to sift through and in order to give yourself a chance, you need to sharpen up your resume and get it in front of as many eyes as you possibly can.

There is no one way to guarantee getting a job but those that work the hardest to try to get hired will have the advantage. You first must make sure you have a quality resume that will present your work history in the most professional manner possible. You should seriously think about spending a little money to have your resume profesionally written and produced. If you don’t, you must remember that many of those other job applicants you will be competing with will have spent the money. Two of the best online resume companies are:

1) is an industry-leading resume writing company that can help you create a job-winning resume in as little as 48 hours. They offer a complete service for any type of resume for any type of job. If you need help creating that winning resume, ResumeEdge is the place to go. Save $20 when you purchase a Resume and Cover Letter at

You Must Distribute Your Resume Everywhere

Once you have your resume looking as good as it can, you need to get it in front of as many recruiters and people in charge of hiring as you can. Maybe yesterday you could sit back and wait for employers to come to you but not anymore in 2010. You can’t leave anything to luck any more and you must make a concerted effort to submit that resume over and over again to as many chanels as there are. The more places you submit your resume to, the more chances you have that someone will see it who might hire you. You also need to learn how to submit job applications online. Some of the free and not free job search sites where you can submit your resume are:

1) (FREE) is a large job search site where you can post your resume for free so that recruiters can view it.

2) SnagAJob (FREE) is the #1source for hourly employment. If you are looking for a job in a service industry that pays hourly, this is the place to find it and it is free to sign up and search.

3) (FREE) is the largest of all the job web sites and it is free to sign up, post your resume, and find a job.

4) (FREE) is “The World’s Largest Network of Niche Career Communities, Powering over 15,000 sites” and it is free to post your resume.

5) ResumeRabbit is a paid service that will post your resume to over 75 of the top job sites including all the big name ones. The advantage to you is a tremendous saving of time.

6) ResumeZapper will email your resume and cover letter right into the email boxes of 1000s of America’s top search, recruitment and placement firms. They claim to be the number 1 resume distribution service on the Internet.

7) (free) will let you post your resume for free so that it can be seen by thousands of recruiters and companies that are subscribed and search their database on a daily basis.

In Conclusion

If you hope to land that great job in 2009, you are going to have to earn it first. It has always been said that just searching for a job is a full time job in itself and at no other time has this been more true. You are really going to have to go out and find jobs that are hiring as they will not find you first. Those job seekers who work the hardest by networking and making the most contacts are those that will have the best chance of getting hired. By writing your best resume and pumping it through as many job search sites as you can find will give you the best opportunity to find someone who will hire you. You also must maintain a positive outlook and appear cheerful and excited to be hired even though at times it will be difficult to keep your moral up. As I endeaver to leave the job force and transition into a work from home job, I wish you luck.

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    Monster has been fantastic in finding jobs (not for myself as i’m secured, but for people I know). I cant speak for the other sites, but the fact that monster can send daily updates to your email about what new positions are out related to your resume is a time saving plus

    Propecia on January 29th, 2009
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    In order achieve success in their job search, job seekers must target a wide range of Job sites and use all the available resources. Yes, its time consuming. However, dedicating the time and energy will pay off with more and better job leads, more interviews and more job offers!

    raju on February 12th, 2009
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    Great list of websites. For job seekers, simply targeting one website is not enough. A wide variety (like the list you’ve given) of websites need to be used.

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    I have registered with Monster, Career Builder and any job search site available and still no luck.. I would like to work from home but all the home jobs seem to be scams that steel what little money I have. I looked at jobs in Michigan and now relocated to AZ. NO LUCK yet!

    Most companies do not respond to even let me know one way or the other. I have a degree in interior Design, however I was a stay home mother for 11 yrs. while doing some babysitting and some part time retail sales work. I have a strong background in holistic living, natural healing, alternative health researcher. For 15+ yrs. I have practiced yoga and meditation.
    Are there any jobs out there that are not scams!
    Help my five kids need me to support them!!!


    Celtic K on October 16th, 2009
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    In order achieve success in their job search, job seekers must target a wide range of Job sites and use all the available resources.

    nedenleri on February 25th, 2010
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    names jodie bryson and im 16 years old am at college 3 days a week and trying to find a job for when i am off college i would even work in tesco to try and earn a bit more cash

    jodie bryson on September 21st, 2010
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    Can Someone help me; i dont know how to start this application. im looking forward for this job and i really need it to help my family threw somethings that we going threw. so someone please help me 🙁 ! Thankssss Are Email Me
    Call Me 215 593 4713

    Yadsirie Rivera on November 18th, 2010
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    I have had success with before. Application process is fairly easy

    Mark Jones on December 15th, 2010