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Create Your Own Work At Home Opportunity By Becoming A Blogger

You already have an understanding of how to make money online and have decided that working from home is in your best interest. Maybe you’ve even found a legitimate job offer, but don’t want to get caught up in something like data entry or taking surveys.

If you have any skills with the written word and don’t mind spending your entire day in front of a computer, then becoming a regular guest blogger on a variety of websites is a great work at home¬†opportunity.

Why is guest blogging so popular (and, more importantly to you, so potentially profitable)? For one, there are millions of blogs that need content. Why do so many blogs need content? Similar to your situation before you started working from home, most bloggers run their site in spare time. Despite running their site in spare time, bloggers still need content up-to-the-minute. Blog readers never sleep, and they need their information instantly!
As the Internet continues to develop, bloggers are going to become news leaders. News leaders need to provide the latest news in order to stay on top, so having freelance writers available at the drop of a dime is going to become more critical to blog owners

Generally speaking, blogging is an easier writing style to master than creative writing or journalism editorial copy. It’s more conversational, and casual Internet acronyms like “LOL” are acceptable. As the internet continues to shift towards a more social environment, bloggers will continue to gain credibility and carve an even larger space for themselves in online reporting.

At home work opportunities are growing for freelance writers, especially in the Internet world. Quality content is very effective to improved presence in the world of Internet marketing, and quality freelance writers can make as much as $45 – $50 PER HOUR for simple articles. The connections writers can make with Internet marketing companies and national publications looking for content can also lead to more opportunities.

As the economy continues to slide, some work at home job opportunities might not increase their availability. But with Internet communication constantly on the rise, there are tons of work from home opportunities out there for freelance writers. If your pen is truly mightier than a sword, put your talents to good use by contributing to blogs.


John Benson is a self-employed internet marketing consultant who decided on his current occupation after reading a top 10 work at home jobs article a few years back. Contact him at

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    you’re right every blogger needs fresh content from there blog to keep his blog not only running but to get optimize as well

    kyrious on February 27th, 2009
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    Having the right bloggers on your site has the potential to steadily grow your site with great content. Bloggers truly can be the website owners best friend.

    Rich on March 6th, 2009
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    Yes, Blogs are good way to earn money now a days. You can add adsense and other affiliate programs to your blogs.

    Vertu Replica on March 7th, 2009
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    i saw lot of bloggers now on the net making profit out of their blog. adsense are goods but dont for get paid advertisements and also pay per post if you reall aim to earn more from your blog

    Brandon Cameron on March 17th, 2009
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    Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The only thing is, you have to be dedicated. Too many people join the world of blogging, expecting to become rich overnight. This is not going to happen — it will take time to make good money from blogging.