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Data Entry Jobs From Home: Are They Legitimate?

If you are searching the internet for ways to make money from home, I’m sure you have come across several advertisements for data entry jobs. The ads will typically say that all you have to do is type a few lines of text and you will soon be making money online. Sounds too easy to be true, but is it? Let’s take a closer look at these so called “data entry jobs from home” to see what they are really all about.

First, let’s look at why there are so many of these websites promoting data entry jobs or Google jobs from home. The simple answer is that these are usually ads promoting products that will tell you how to use pay per click to advertise affiliate products to make money.

If you pay the money for the information pack, you will most likely receive a hyped up ebook filled with fluff that is basically just a set of instructions on how to write and submit advertisements as an affiliate marketer, usually to pay per click programs like Google Adwords. This means that you will be writing advertisements for a product and you get paid commission for any sales you make. You don’t make money unless someone buys the product after clicking on your affiliate link in the ad.

That sounds great to most people because they are blinded by all the promises of making a lot of money for very little work, even though it’s not the data entry job they were looking for in the first place. But there’s a problem, and it’s a big one… if you don’t know what you are doing then you can lose a LOT of money on a pay per click campaign, and the people buying these “data entry jobs from home” programs will usually do just that.

It’s not really a scam because the truth is that this can be done by pretty much anybody and there are a lot of people that do make a great living doing it. However, they have either gotten really lucky or have been doing it long enough to master a system for making money from it.Your success will greatly depend on your ability to write short, catchy ad copy, choose the right keywords for the product you are promoting, and set your cost per click where it should be. Trust me, it’s easier said than done!

In some cases, you might even have to pay to place the ad so not only is a profit not guaranteed, but you could lose money just from placing the ad. However, most of the data entry programs will at least tell you how and where to place your ads for free. Even then you still need to remember that every click on your ad will cost you money so if you aren’t making enough sales to offset those costs, you will lose money.

I should add that there are some real and legitimate companies that are actually hiring people to do data entry for them from home. However, those jobs are few and far between. The chances of getting one are very slim because there’s too much competition for the few legitimate data entry jobs out there. And it’s very difficult for the average person to know whether a data entry job offer is legitimate or just another company trying to get you to pay for their information.For the most part you can assume it’s the latter.

In summary, any data entry jobs from home you come across while searching online for work¬†are almost always a form of affiliate marketing. You will pay for information that you can easily find on the internet for free and the “data entry” you will be doing will probably end up losing you money. These data entry jobs are not actually scams but they are often disappointing to people who are hoping to find a work at home job where they can earn some extra cash.

Be careful!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
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    Thanks for the post. It is hard to find legitimate job opportunities, so we all need to work together and spread the word.

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    Hmmmm…..I never really believed in data entry work online personally. It seems you have to buy before you make anything.



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