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Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

This is a big question: are you ready to be your own boss? At first, you probably think that you would do anything to be in charge of your schedule, take lunch anytime you want, work anytime, and from anywhere. But being your own boss has its challenges. We all have our ups and downs. When we are an employee, it doesn’t matter if you feel slow or unmotivated, because you probably get paid to show up and do a little work. Or the boss supplies the work for you. Can you relate?

What if you had to make a daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan and yearly plan to accomplish your goal? Remember, you want to be your own boss – that’s what a business owner boss does! You must be creative when something doesn’t work as planned. You must have a plan B and C and on and on. You must have some capital behind your dream of being your own boss and making lots of money and having freedom.

Here’s a list of boss-ready qualities:
1. Driven and passionate for what you do
2. Goal oriented – having a specific goal or goals that you know you will attain
3. Confident
4. Self Motivated
5. Planner and will readjust the plan as necessary
6. Creative and Inventive.
7. Believe in yourself and your success
8. Work harder on your success than anything for anyone!
9. Will stop at nothing – “failure is not an option.”
10. Have access to capital or will find it

It is well worth it! Living life by design is all that you can imagine and more! If you can see yourself as possessing much of the boss-ready qualities, then go for it and don’t look back!

Take Action with Passion, Francesca K.

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    My 8 to 5 job helps me raise my family. But my passion really is to be my own boss and give employment rather than seek. Right now, I am starting to build my home based business and nevertheless planning to make it full-blast within the year.

    mobility scooter on March 19th, 2009
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    It can be very tough to be your own boss, but many people work well that way! It can be very rewarding to watch your company grow and succeed. If I had to add one thing to that list, it would be “flexibility”. Sometimes you have to make adjustments along the path to success!

    GoEverywhere Team on March 28th, 2009
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    sounds that the tips are really effective., I’ll jot down the factors., i can be a boss but a boss with only a self to be his employer.

    Pay it Forward on April 23rd, 2009
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    Get a job, work and then act like you don’t work and put the check in the bank every week. If you do this the money will grow quickly. When you have enough then you can act like you work and spend. Too young to work, babysit, do chores for the elderly in the neighborhood, do housework for neighbors and yard work. Wash cars, do laundry, sell stuff at garage sale every week. Picl up bottles and cash them in. But really there is no sure fire way to make a lot of money and have a cash flow like you want without hard work. Good Luck,

    Gold Buyer on April 25th, 2009
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    I have been self- employeed for 21 years. Most of the time it is great. But paying in the monthly payroll and sales tax money is a chore. It really helped me to hire an account to keep up with this and that allows for an easier time for the yearend imcome tax work.

    djatkins on June 24th, 2010