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With the swine flu scare going on right now and the swine flu vaccine months away, people who are lucky and have home jobs  have to be feeling just a little bit safer than the rest of us. It is times like these that it is great to be able to be a little more self sufficient and not have to worry about going outside the house.

Of course this swine flu pandemic is a long way from becoming full blown and reaching panic status but you never know what is going to happen. If things get worse, businesses are going to be faced with some tough decisions that have cascading effects all over the economy.

This Situation Has Happened Before

We have all seen what happens when a terrorist attack occurs: things just shut down and come to a standstill. On 9/11, the airplanes were grounded for days and food shipments to stores were delayed and so on. When something big like this happens, the effects trickle down to affect all of us one way or another.

Likewise, with the horrible economy, we have all seen that it effects everyone of us no matter what our jobs are or how much money we have. You can be the richest person in the world but when things are closing down around you, your life changes a bit whether you want it to or not. We are all connected in one way or another and we have to learn to cope.

Is The Swine Flu The Next Disaster?

It will probably not happen but this new swine flu has the potential to paralyze the United States and the world if it gets out of hand. If this swine flu pandemic keeps going and becomes more serious, will any of us want to leave our houses? Will we want to trudge in to work everyday and be around others who could have it and not know about it? Will we want to be out in public and put ourselves at risk?

Businesses and schools may have to face the question of what to do to keep their employees and students safe. Does business go on as usual? Is it worth the risk? These could be some tough decisions expecially in the face of this horrible economy. If businesses and schools are forced to shut down or cut back hours, it will further contribute to the bad economy and just make things worse. We all have to get back to work, start earning money, start saving some of it, and get on with our lives. The last thing we need right now is some swine flu pandemic shutting things down.

Work From Home NOW!

As I mentioned at the top, now is the PERFECT time to have work from home jobs and make your money online. If you do have the luxury of a home job, you won’t have to worry about getting in to work and whether to even try to go in to work. You can shut your doors right now and stay home and still have your income pretty much unchanged.

Making money on the Internet is of course not bullet proof and a lot of things can influence your earnings. For instance, now that summer is around the bend, more and more people will be outside and not surfing on the Internet. This means lower earnings for those who have jobs from home that involve Internet marketing. But, it is great not to have to drive in to work everyday with the masses and be able to be your own boss. Unfortunately, I am not there yet but maybe someday!

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    I’m just glad that no outbreak or no swine flu is being reported here in my country. Because I have my doubts whether our government be able to handle the situation if such a thing happened here.

    Work from Home on May 6th, 2009
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    swine flu is a flu, so we just need to boost our immune system. we should eat more nutritious foods more than ever. and we should quit on our vices, smoking, alcohol and stuff. it will just make things worse.

    le corbusier on July 15th, 2009