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Top 10 Benefits of Making Money from Home/Laptop

As you go through another week of drudgery at your job, you might think of the possibility of being your own boss, working from home, and making a solid income, while enjoying the freedom of your own schedule.  You don’t have to work day in and day out, 60, 80+ work weeks.  The opportunity for making money from home jobs is very real, as real as you think it is and as real as you make it.  It’s all up to you!

The top 10 benefits of working from home:

  1. Unlimited income:  You can make six figures and more from home.  It’s all up to you and your desire.  Find the right compensation plan, community, work and you will find that the income is truly unlimited.  You will find that no one will tell you what you are worth.  You will find out what you are worth by the actions you take in your business.  Your income can be higher than what you are making now.
  2. Getting out of the rat race:  Leave the painful commute, gas expenses, and so much more in your rear view mirror as you park your car in the garage and work in your pjs.  Forget all about office politics, asking for a raise, begging for consideration for a promotion, overtime hours, seniority for vacations and scheduling conflicts.  It’s your choice as to how far you would like to take your career.  Now, no one is stopping you or delaying your progress.
  3. More family time:  Family time is the most important reason for most people who choose to work from home.  Kids grow up so quickly, so why not enjoy the process with them?  Kids have developed a better relationship with their daycare than with their parents – come home and develop a lasting relationship you will never regret.  It’s also great to spend time with your loved ones at your time of choice, rather than a couple hours at the end of the day.
  4. No more negative co-workers:  You know those people who seem to always have a bad day? And they want to share it with the whole office?  It is such a pleasure to work with people who are positive, uplifting, creative, and who have similar desires in your home business. 
  5. Schedule your vacations anytime:  Just look at your calendar and plan a vacation based on you and your loved one’s schedule, not the company’s schedule.  Take off anytime and enjoy a beach vacation for a month, if you want.  Home businesses can be worked from a laptop, so why not enjoy the French Riviera or a Mexican cabana for the summer?  You can make money from anywhere.
  6. Give your money away:  Can you imagine having too much money for your desires, home, children, and your vacations?  This is possible.  You will find yourself giving back to the community and to your favorite charities.  You might even run a charity!  Give it to family and friends.  Your choice, your extra money.
  7. Save for your child’s future:  Enjoy providing for your children, from college expenses, to weddings, to baby stuff, and so many other things they may need.
  8. Retire early:  It can be your reality to enjoy retirement way ahead of other people of the same age.  Retire in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Be sure that your retirement future is well funded by your own efforts, not relying on a company’s 401K that may be here today, gone tomorrow.  
  9. Take care of your loved ones:  Now is the time that your mother or father may need you to drive them to appointments and may enjoy your company more than ever.  You may want to take them on vacation with you.  Your home business allows you all the freedoms of your own schedule – Just don’t let them take over your schedule or you won’t have the money!
  10. Tax benefits:  This is endless!  You can deduct part of your home, your costs of networking, your computer, your marketing, your meals, and your help from a local teen and so on.  Enjoy getting back a chunk of money at the end of the year as long as your play your tax cards right.  Home businesses have many tax advantages everywhere.  Look into your local laws for more.


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    Very good post though perhaps you are idealizing working online. I do believe the majority of those are true yet when it comes to working less when trying to dominate a niche and the top websites have over 20k high quality relevant backlinks it usually takes more that a few hours a week. This of course is only my view, but the reason everyone is not working at home online is to become a true competitor within a niche an begin making real money it takes 6 months – 2 years of an immense amount of work or money. I really need to work on your number 10 though I paid alot in taxes last year. It would be nice to buy a brand new computer and claming it on my taxes. Anyway thank you for the post.

    make money online on June 12th, 2009
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    The flexibility of working from home is amazing! Setting your own hours allows you to maximize family time.

    Meaghan on June 14th, 2009
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    No more negative co-workers. Amen to that! As you have listed the benefits are so many it makes sense for a lot of people to choose this route. I live in a tiny town and regular jobs are hard to come by. So making money from home for me is the best option.

    People search lady on June 17th, 2009
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    Yes I agree with your post but with it also comes a huge responsibility and work pressure.If you’re a freelancer then you have to do all work like designing, customer care, marketing all by yourself.

    Sourav on June 27th, 2009
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    yes I agree with your post but with it also comes a huge responsibility and work pressure.If you’re a freelancer then you have to do all work like designing, customer care, marketing all by yourself.

    Corretta Smith on July 3rd, 2009